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Essential liquors and display for a successful decanter.


Starting a liquor business or liquor store can be exciting and lucrative. However, it is essential to understand which products are essential to attract customers and how to create an effective display that maximizes sales and has more visits. In this guide, I'll help you identify the key products you should have in your decanter and provide tips for an attractive display. Additionally, I will discuss the budget necessary to start your venture in the world of liquor, pay close attention.

What are the essential products that should not be missing in a decanter?

When opening a liquor store, it is important to offer a variety of products to satisfy the tastes and preferences of your customers. Here I present some essential products that you should consider:

a) Basic liquors: Includes a wide selection of popular liquors such as vodka, rum, whiskey, gin and tequila. Opt for well-known brands and varieties that are popular in your local area.

b) Wines: Offers a diverse selection of red, white and rosé wines from different regions and varieties. It includes both popular wines and more exclusive options to appeal to a variety of customers. Also consider including locally produced wines to provide unique options.

c) Beers: Having a variety of local, craft and international beers can be a great attraction. Make sure you have options for different tastes, such as light, sour, dark, and wheat beers. Keep beers cold and consider having a section dedicated to craft beers, as they have gained popularity in recent years.

d) Spirits: Don't forget to include spirits such as creamy liqueurs, aperitifs, digestifs and special liqueurs. These products can add variety and appeal to your decanter, and are ideal for customers looking for something different and unique.

What strategies should I implement for a good display in my decanter?

The way you display your products can make a difference in sales and your customers' shopping experience. Here are some strategies to create an attractive display:

a) Organization by category: Group products by type, such as spirits, wines and beers, and then organize them by brand or region. This makes it easier for customers to find what they are looking for and encourages exploration of additional options.

b) Highlight recommended products: Highlight some special or promotional products in your display. This can spark customer interest and promote lesser-known products or new releases.

c) Clear and attractive labeling: Make sure each product has a clear, easy-to-read label that includes the name, description and price. Use attractive, high-quality labels to create a professional and attractive appearance.

d) Visually pleasing display: Use quality shelves and stands to display your products attractively. Consider using appropriate lighting to highlight certain products and create a pleasant atmosphere. Play with lighting to highlight the characteristics of the products and create a cozy atmosphere in your decanter. Additionally, use visual elements such as banners, signs, and themed decorations to add a special touch and appeal to your display.

e) Tasting Sample: Consider offering free samples of spirits, wine or beer so customers can try before they buy. This will not only increase sales but also generate interest and satisfaction among customers.

f) Pleasant aromas and clean bottles: Smells also play an important role in the decanter purchasing experience. Make sure your establishment has a pleasant and clean environment, avoiding unpleasant odors. Use subtle and attractive scents, such as scented candles, aroma diffusers or air fresheners, to create a pleasant olfactory experience that complements the visual presentation of your products. Remember that liquor, like perfumes and clothing, are aspirational products.

g) Packaging is everything and more when it comes to liquor: Make sure your product has presentable packaging that attracts the attention of your customers. Work closely with your trusted supplier to obtain specially packaged beverages, allowing you to stand out and increase your product turnover, especially during peak seasons. Also, don't forget to consider the right packaging bags. Please note that liqueurs are delicate products and susceptible to damage. Providing quality packaging bags will ensure that your customers take their purchases safely and securely.

What is the initial budget to set up a Liquor Store?

The budget needed to start a liquor store can vary depending on the size, location, and specifics of your business. Here are some key aspects to consider when setting your initial budget:

a) Initial inventory: Estimate the acquisition costs of your initial inventory, including different types of liquors, wines, beers and other spirits. Research trusted suppliers and compare prices to get the best deal possible.

b) Infrastructure and furniture: Consider the costs related to the acquisition or rental of a suitable space for your liquor store. This includes interior design, shelving, countertops, storage systems, lighting, signage, and any additional equipment needed, such as refrigerators and freezers.

c) Licenses and permits: Research the legal requirements and costs associated with obtaining the necessary licenses and permits to operate your liquor store. This may include alcohol licenses, health permits, and other local requirements. You can also read on our blog: Requirements to set up a liquor store in Colombia

d) Marketing and advertising: Include marketing and advertising costs in your budget to promote your liquor store and attract customers. This can encompass activities such as logo design, website creation, social media strategies, and print advertising. Also consider hosting events or collaborations with other local businesses to increase the visibility of your liquor store.

e) Personnel: If you plan to hire employees, consider hiring costs, salaries and benefits. Be sure to comply with local labor laws and provide a safe and appropriate work environment.

It is important to conduct a thorough cost analysis to determine the budget needed to start your decanter. Consider talking to other entrepreneurs in the industry, consulting business experts, or working with an accountant to get a more accurate assessment of the associated costs. You can also read in our blog "It is profitable to set up an alcoholic beverage business or liquor store in Colombia."

Starting a successful liquor business or liquor store requires careful planning and consideration of must-have products, effective display strategies, and a proper budget. Be sure to offer a variety of liquors, wines, beers and spirits to suit your customers' tastes. Design an attractive and organized display to maximize sales, and don't forget to consider all the costs associated with starting your liquor store. With proper planning and solid execution, you can establish a successful and profitable liquor store. We as product experts can help you ... Good luck in your venture!

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