Frequent questions

An adult signature is required to accept an order containing alcohol, as is identification certifying that you are of legal age. The recipient must be specified in the order to receive the order.

No, the tip is not included in the total payment. It is optional and totally voluntary.

The cost of the product, taxes and delivery service is included in the total payment.

Mainly for operability, logistics and security; We do not reach other points where the journey can take more than 45 minutes from any of our wineries. We are constantly working to improve and expand our coverage.

Medellín (Town, Las Palmas**, San Diego, Barrio Colombia, Belén, Conquistadores, La América, Laureles, Calasanz,
Los Colores, Floresta, Stadium, Velodrome, Suramericana, Carlos E. Restrepo, Robledo, Pilarica, Centro, Prado Centro, Villa Hermosa, Boston), Envigado,
Sabaneta, Itagüí (South Housing, Fashion Center, Santa María, Highway, Park, South America) and La Estrella (Highway, Subway Station, Park and Motel Zone)**

** Conditions and surcharges apply
Extras on certain areas.

Once our agent of the Call
Center has confirmed the delivery data and the products to be sent by telephone, your order will arrive between 30 to 60 minutes (we try to make it as quick as possible). You must take into account our coverage, weather and peak hours (Friday and Saturday between 00:00 and 04:00). Our commitment is to deliver you on time and offer you a unique service and delivery experience.

Homes have an additional charge that varies between $7,900 during the day and $12,900 at night. The rate may vary depending on the distance of the recipient, the volume and the time. If the address is viable, but it is not in our range of coverage, the respective additional surcharge will be made for home service and night hours.

We work 24 hours a day, including Sundays and holidays.

Of course, depending on your location and the time in which you request your order; remember that we have 3 communication channels for you to request your order

We are committed to the security of online purchases, which is why we have SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology that ensures both the authenticity of our site and the encryption of all the information you provide us. This technology allows your personal information to be encrypted so that it cannot be read as it travels over the Internet. To guarantee the security of payments we use technology: Encrypted transactions with:

SSL Transactions using HTTPS Verified by Visa-Mastercard authentication

We accept the following franchises: Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express.

We only receive Colombian pesos
(COP), we make exceptions for tourists only in hotels and the value will be charged in pesos according to the current TRM plus a surcharge of 10% for exchange transactions.

The website is designed to place orders online and at the same time to process payments. When you place an order through, our team receives everything you have requested in real time, an Agent from our Call Center contacts you immediately to reconfirm the order, request your billing information, coordinate the place of delivery and method of payment (if you do not want to do it virtually). Immediately, we will send one of our addresses to the agreed place, that is when we make the delivery and the process ends.

You can pay in cash, Qr Bancolombia, Qr Davivienda and debit and/or credit cards. Once our delivery person arrives at your door you can make the payment in person. You can also pay online through our website: and receive it between 30 and 60 minutes (T&C apply).

We want you to be the center of attention at any party, which is why we recommend you: Visit our product page with product description and expert recommendations. Visit our blog that we have designed for you. Ask us through an email, online chat or our social networks.

We have a wide selection of special products or Gifs (limited version) in our gifts section. Remember that product selection and availability are subject to current inventory. If the product you are looking for is not available, please contact our Call Center at +57 3042505550 or by email:

We love keeping in touch with you, but if you definitely want to stop receiving our communications, just click the "Stop Notifications" option located at the bottom of all emails, promotional messages, newsletters and notifications. events.

Don't worry, updating your information is very easy. At the top of our page there is a link to your profile. Click the link to modify your email and physical address settings.

You can cancel your order at any time, what we do not do is change the product, since liquor and food have no changes for any reason (except for manufacturing defects in the presence of the delivery person). Any additional questions, please contact our Call Center: +573042505550 or

Don't worry, it just so happens that product selection and availability is subject to current inventory. If you are looking for an item that is not available, you can contact our Call Center: +57 3042505550 or by email: and choose a product similar to the one you would like to make available.

We want you to be a great host, which is why we're constantly creating special discounts for a limited time. Enter your email and follow us on our social networks Facebook, Instagram and Tic Toc so that you are always up to date with the best offers.

We sell 100% legal and original liquors, we guarantee their quality because your health and peace of mind come first. We do not sell without a stamp, adulterated or balances. Our service policy is: "Buy Legal, Buy Calm".

We offer you a wide portfolio of non-alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, energy drinks, ice, snacks, snacks, cigarettes, heets, vapers, over-the-counter pharmacy products and items for adults.

Our service is aimed at all types of clients, whether final and/or corporate. We serve direct sales to Hotels, Motels, Bars, Restaurants, Discos, Banquet Houses, Events, Fairs and Spas. Additionally, we cover business, social and family events. Write to us to place your order or request a quote in advance and with better prices by email:

The payment you make at LicoresMedellí is similar to the one you make in a normal establishment (product + VAT). There is no hidden charge of any kind.

The minimum order is $60,000 regardless of the types of product you buy and as long as it is in the coverage area.

Name, telephone, delivery address, payment method and billing information. Additionally, confirm the products requested through the website or our mobile application. If the payments are online and there is a disagreement between the cardholder and the buyer's name, you will be asked to attach information so that the order can be delivered or reversed.

Regarding the wine, our cellars keep them at an average temperature between 10° and 21°C. It has been determined that at temperatures below 10° the aroma of the oak is lost, the flavors of its fruit and the acidity increases. The ideal temperature to consume beers is between 0° and 7°, in this range we store the drinks and deliver them ready to drink. We can send any type of brandy cold between 0° and 5°, or if you wish, at room temperature. The other products, such as whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, etc., are shipped at room temperature.

We have exceptional human talent, they are Women and Men with training to serve you satisfactorily and guide you in regards to products, delivery times, payment method and other concerns. Our technological geolocation tools guarantee that our service is a timely and service experience.

To update the data you must enter "My Account". There you must enter your username and password. Then, in the main menu you will find settings and you will see your data there to update them.

Your personal information (e-mail, delivery address, name and telephone) is kept and protected in our database to be consulted and updated each time you make a purchase and/or wish to resume an order. In this way we can obtain more precise data that allows, under our operating fees, to facilitate the journey and that the delivery is successful. We comply with the personal data protection policy of Colombian law.

We store specific information about our customers in order to improve the shopping experience and functionality of our website. We do not sell a customer's personal information, nor do we provide the information to third parties. If you want to know more, enter our Privacy Policy.

To buy, you must follow the following steps:
1. Enter
2. Register (the registration option is located at the top right of the page).
3. Add the product to the cart.
4. Click on the purchase option, located in your shopping cart.
5. Click on Go to pay.
6. Enter the delivery data or choose one of the addresses that you already have predetermined.
7. Choose the means of payment.
8. Enter the details of the chosen card or means of payment.
9. Confirm your order.
10. Click on Secure Purchase.

Note: At the end of the transaction, you must show the order confirmation and a confirmation email will automatically arrive at the registered email.

Yes, through our clients abroad can send a gift card or any type of product from anywhere in the world to their family or friends in Colombia. It's very easy, we'll send it for you.

At, the products on sale are clearly identified on the home page, notifying the discount percentage. Likewise, you will find in the main menu the "offers" section, which brings together the products at prices with great savings.

Of course, we sell to specialized stores, liquor stores, gift shops, companies, employee funds, hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, spas, casinos, banquet houses and any establishment that wishes to market our products. You can contact our Call Center at +57 3042505550 or by email:

Responsible motorists, who work for our company and an outsourcing service that covers our high order demands.

We constantly try to improve our service. We ask that you please send us your comments to the following email: or contact our customer service agents at +57 304250555

The addressee will be responsible for delivering the original invoice to the client, this must contain the user's data and the real values ​​of the accepted order. If you do not do so, report the disagreement with our customer service agents, at +57 3042505550 or by email:

Contact our customer service line +57 3042505550 or write to: to make the report. Inform your invoice number and the date you placed the order.

We want to provide you with the best service, so we are sorry for the inconvenience. To report problems with your order, please contact our Call Center: +57 3042505550 or email:

To report problems with your order, please contact our Call Center: +57 3042505550 or

When placing your order we request that you give us the name, identification number and telephone number of the person who will receive the order. We will require identification upon delivery, to ensure that the recipient is over 18 years of age to sign the receipt order.

You can place an order by address, and to deliver several orders to different addresses you would have to send an email to: or call the Call Center: +57 3042505550 and plan your deliveries.

In your profile you can save several addresses and choose which one to receive the order. Likewise, when placing your order you can enter the address of your choice.

Sure, as long as the address is within our coverage area. On the billing page you can select the gift option and include a personalized note. Please note that the recipient must be over 18 years of age to receive the order.

Do you have more questions? write to us

electronic payments

In this section, you will find the questions and answers that will help you clarify your doubts about electronic payments processed through Mercado Pago.

It is the electronic payment platform that Licores Medellín uses to process online the transactions generated in the virtual store with the payment methods enabled for this purpose.

In the virtual store of Licores Medellín you can make your payments with the means enabled for this purpose. According to the payment options chosen by the merchant, you can pay through PSE (debits from savings and checking accounts in Colombia), Visa, Master Card, American Express and Credencial credit cards.

To protect your data, Licores Medellín delegates to Mercado Pago the capture of sensitive information. Our payment platform complies with the highest standards required by the international standard PCI 1 DSS for security in credit card transactions. In addition, it has an SSL security certificate issued by Godaddy, which guarantees secure communications by encrypting all data to and from the site; In this way you can feel safe when entering your card information. During the payment process, the name of the authenticated organization is displayed in the browser, the authority that certifies it, and the address bar turns green. These characteristics are immediately visible and give guarantee and confidence to complete the transaction in Mercado Pago. Mercado pago also has constant monitoring of fraud control and the signing of electronic messages with Certicámara.

Yes, at Licores Medellín you can make your purchases online 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, just one click away.

If you have not yet finished your payment, you can go back to the initial step and choose the payment method you prefer. Once the purchase is complete, it is not possible to change the payment method.

No, electronic payments made through Mercado Pago do not generate additional costs for the buyer.

In the first instance, check if an email confirming the transaction arrived at the email account registered at the time of making the payment, if you have not received it, you should contact the line +57 3042505550 or email clients@ to confirm the status of the transaction.

For each transaction approved through Mercado Pago, you will receive a proof of payment with the purchase reference at the email address you indicated at the time of payment. If you do not receive it, you can contact the line +57 3042505550 or email, to request the resending of the receipt to the same email address registered at the time of payment.