Montesskaya Vodka, The return of a Colombian Vodka


Montesskaya Vodka, a drink with more than 15 years of history , returns to the Colombian market to conquer the youngest palates. This product, which is part of the distillate portfolio of the Fábrica de Licores de Antioquia, returns without losing its original essence: a high-quality vodka with a smooth and neutral flavor . The previous flavored ones do not return.

Montesskaya Vodka, a distillate with unique properties :

  • 100% Colombian : Made with alcohol from national grains of the highest quality, which gives it a unique and authentic flavor.
  • Triple distillation : A process that guarantees a pure vodka, free of impurities and with a high level of alcohol (40%), in addition to carbon filtration .
  • Pure paramo water : The water used in the production of Montesskaya comes from the Colombian paramos, giving it incomparable purity and freshness.

Montesskaya Vodka Bottle - 750ml
Montesskaya Vodka Bottle - 750ml

Montesskaya Vodka, Returns in an improved presentation :

  • Stylized bottle : An elegant and sophisticated design, with a modern touch that makes it stand out on any occasion.
  • Content : 750 ml bottle.
  • Price: It is totally accessible and is available only in specialized stores and Licores Medellin.

Taste and versatility of Montesskaya Vodka :

  • Smooth and neutral flavor : Ideal for those looking for a versatile drink that can be enjoyed alone or in a wide variety of cocktails.
  • Perfect pairing : Alone, with ice, or in classic cocktails such as the Martini, the Cosmopolitan or the Bloody Mary.

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