Cerveza 3 Cordilleras Lata Rosada

New 3 Cordilleras Rosada in Can


3 Cordilleras celebrates 15 years with the launch of its canned Rosada beer

The Colombian brewery 3 Cordilleras, recognized for its innovative spirit and its wide variety of craft beers, celebrates 15 years of brewing mastery with the launch of its canned Rosada beer . This new 269ml format seeks to reach more consumers and offer a versatile and practical experience.

A unique and refreshing flavor

La Rosada is a Rosé -type beer that is characterized by its pale pink color , aroma of red fruits and a sweet and refreshing flavor . With an alcohol content of 3.8% and a bitterness of 0 IBUS , it is an easy-to-drink beer that attracts new consumers , even those who are not fans of traditional beer.

Juanchi Vélez, founder of 3 Cordilleras , commented: “La Rosada is a unique beer in the Colombian market. It is easier to drink than traditional beers and tastes similar to other popular beverages such as wine. With this new canned format, we want more people to be encouraged to try it and be captivated by the exciting world of craft beer.

A journey through the world of craft beer

The story of 3 Cordilleras began in 1996 when Juanchi Vélez traveled to Atlanta, United States, to work at Sweet Water, one of the main microbreweries in North America. After six years of learning, he returned to Colombia in 2007 and founded 3 Cordilleras.

Since 2008, the brand has launched six craft beers that have earned a place in the Colombian market. In 2020, 3 Cordilleras opened its second brewery nationwide in Bogotá , consolidating itself as one of the leading companies in the craft beer sector.

3 Cordilleras Rosada: the ideal beer for any occasion

La Rosada is a versatile beer that can be enjoyed on any occasion. It is perfect to share with friends , Pair with light meals or simply cool off on a hot day .

Characteristics of 3 Cordilleras Rosada Beer.

Color: Pale pink

Alcohol: 3.8 % by volume

Appearance: Filtered to stabilize color.

Characteristics: Smooth, perfect balance between sweetness and red fruits

Shelf life: 5 Months

Bitter: None – 15 IBUS

Availability of 3 Cordilleras Rosada:

Canned 3 Cordilleras Rosada beer is now available in Licores Medellín, liquor stores, supermarkets and restaurants nationwide.

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