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Top 5 Ancestral Drinks from Colombia


Colombia is known for its rich culture and diversity, which includes a wide variety of ancient drinks. These liquors have been part of Colombian culture for many years and are an important part of festivities and celebrations throughout the country. In this article, we present some of the most popular ancestral and artisanal liquors in Colombia.

Despite the cultural wealth represented by ancestral drinks such as viche, chuchuguaza, chicha, guarapo, chapil, bushi rom, ñeque, pelota de Hook or churro, Colombia has a historical debt with indigenous communities. and black people to protect the intellectual property of this knowledge and support the families that depend economically on its production and commercialization.

Below, we present five ancestral liquors from Colombia that you cannot miss:


Guarapo is a fermented drink that is made from sugar cane juice. It is a low alcoholic liquor that is consumed mainly in rural regions of the country. Guarapo is a very popular drink in traditional festivals and celebrations in the regions where it is produced.


Chicha is a fermented drink that is made from corn. It is a sweet and refreshing drink with a low alcohol content. Chicha has been consumed in Colombia since pre-Columbian times and is a traditional drink in the country's indigenous communities.


Masato is a fermented drink made from rice and cassava. It is a creamy and thick drink, with a sweet flavor and a low alcohol content. Masato is a traditional drink from the Amazon region of Colombia and is very popular among the indigenous communities of the region.


Anise is a mild, sweet liquor made from the anise plant. It has a refreshing flavor and is often used as a digestive after a heavy meal. Anise is popular throughout the country and can be found in many liquor stores and bars.


Viche is a liquor distilled from fermented sugar cane. It is a strong and dry drink, with a high alcohol content ranging between 40% and 60%. Viche is an ancestral drink from the Colombian Pacific region and has been part of the culture of Afro-descendant communities in the region for many years. (You can also read: El Viche, The traditional and ancestral drink of the Colombian Pacific )

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