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Would you dare to try one? Tequilas and mezcals with worms and scorpions


Tequila is a popular drink in Latin America, made from the blue agave. However, some tequilas and mezcals may contain animals such as worms or scorpions in the bottle, which may seem strange to those unfamiliar with these drinks. In this article, the presence of these animals in alcoholic beverages and their meaning is analyzed.

The History of Worm Content in Los Mezcales

The tradition of including a worm in the mezcal bottle began in 1950, when a businessman from Mexico City, Jacobo Lozano Páez, decided to include it as a marketing trick. The worm became a myth with magical properties, leading to its deliberate inclusion on mezcal bottles. Today, the worm in the mezcal bottle is an established tradition, but it is not found on tequila bottles.

Importantly, the "worm" used on mezcal bottles is not actually a worm, but rather the larval form of a moth that burrows into and eats the agave plant. There are two families of mezcal "worms": the red worm, which is found in the heart of the agave plant, and the golden worm, which is found in the leaves of the agave plant. The red larva is considered more valuable because it comes from the heart of the plant.

There is a popular belief that the "mezcal worm" has special properties that can be transmitted to those who eat it, such as aphrodisiac or hallucinogenic properties, but these powers have never been proven. Although you can eat the worm inside the mezcal bottle, it is advisable to enjoy the drink and leave the worm at the bottom of the bottle.

On the other hand, in mezcal the presence of the scorpion is more common. Its presence in mezcal or tequila is believed to be associated with strength and is considered a drink for men or machos. However, these beliefs are simply marketing tricks to market bottles.

It is important to note that not all tequilas and mezcals contain worms or scorpions. This practice is quite rare and is limited to some specific brands, very ancient processes in certain tequila houses with batch limitations.

Can you get Tequilas or Mezcales with Worms in Colombia?

It is worth clarifying that in Colombia tequilas or mezcals with worms or animals in their content are not sold because INVIMA prohibits their marketing in the country. This measure is because the consumption of these products can be dangerous to health and may contain toxic substances. Furthermore, the presence of animals in alcoholic beverages can be considered an unhygienic production method and is not welcomed by consumers.

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