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Two Giants Unite: Coca-Cola and Jack Daniel's Launch Their Cocktail in a Can


Can you imagine having a drink that combines Whiskey and soda in a single can? Well, it is possible and it has been announced by Coca-Cola and Jack Daniel's , two large North American companies that have come together to make the combination of these two drinks more “portable” than ever.

Coca-Cola , in partnership with Brown-Forman Corporation, producer of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, has created a new canned cocktail that promises to be a hit. This exciting collaboration seeks to provide consumers with an exceptional taste experience in a convenient, take-anywhere presentation.

Best of all, there will also be a sugar-free option available, for those who wish to enjoy this delicious cocktail without worrying about the sugar content. With 5% alcohol by volume, this drink promises to captivate the most demanding palates, although it is important to keep in mind that the alcohol content may vary depending on the country.

When the product in Colombia

The first Latin American country to receive this exciting canned cocktail will be Mexico, and it is expected to be available later this year for the Colombian market. This news has caused great expectation among drink lovers, who will be able to enjoy the perfect combination of Whiskey and soda anytime, anywhere.

Lawson Whiting, CEO and President of Brown-Forman Corporation, has expressed his excitement about this exciting partnership, highlighting how it unites two iconic American brands to offer consumers an exceptional taste experience in a consistent, convenient and portable way. The inspiration for this new drink stands out in the inexhaustible innovation of consumers when mixing the best ingredients to obtain an extraordinary result. Whiting and his team are eager for consumers to try this new beverage and enjoy its unique and delicious flavor.

It is not Coca-Cola 's first foray into the alcoholic beverage market. The company has been aggressively expanding its options in this category. In addition to the collaboration with Jack Daniel's, Coca-Cola has launched drinks such as Topo Chico Hard Seltzer and Simply Spiked Lemonade in collaboration with MolsonCoors.

The Jacke & Coke or "Whiskoca" cocktail will be presented in an attractive 330cc can packaging, which will integrate the Coca-Cola and Jack Daniel's logos. With an alcohol content of 5%, this canned drink promises to be the perfect companion for those moments when you want to enjoy a delicious cocktail with a touch of Whiskey.

This Jacke & Coke cocktail is the result of an exciting collaboration between Coca-Cola and Jack Daniel's. This canned drink offers the perfect combination of Whiskey and soda at the same time, the truth is that it promises a lot!

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