El dulce sabor del éxito efímero: El caso Nuvo en la industria de los licores - Licores Medellín

The sweet taste of ephemeral success: The Nuvo case in the liquor industry


In the fascinating world of liquors, sometimes we find products that break out with force, conquering drink lovers and leaving an indelible mark. One of these cases is that of "Nuvo", an exquisite cocktail that quickly became a phenomenon in the liquor industry. However, despite its overwhelming success, Nuvo disappeared from the market unexpectedly, leaving many wondering what exactly happened. It turns out that smuggling and counterfeiting played a determining role in its withdrawal.

What is the Nuvo do you know?

Let's take a look at what exactly Nuvo is. This liqueur is characterized by its sweet and fruity flavor, with a distinctive touch of vodka combined with French wine. Designed specifically for the female audience, it comes in a vibrant pink glass bottle that stands out at first glance. Its delicious flavor combines notes of exotic fruits such as passion fruit, peach and strawberry, offering a pleasant freshness and irresistible softness to the palate. Nuvo is best enjoyed served chilled, either neat, in cocktails, or as a base for various mixes.

Originally from France, Nuvo made its triumphant entry into the market in the early 2010s. It quickly became a true phenomenon in the spirits industry, gaining popularity in different countries thanks to its elegant presentation and unmatched taste. However, as Nuvo became increasingly popular, it also caught the attention of those seeking to profit illegally. Smuggling and counterfeiting became significant threats to this coveted cocktail, negatively impacting its market position.

Nuvo smuggling consisted of the illegal importation and distribution of the drink in markets where its sale was not authorized. This practice generated a parallel market in which products were acquired without paying taxes and complying with the corresponding regulations. In addition to harming legitimate distribution channels, this illegal activity affected the image and reputation of the Nuvo brand.

Why is the Nuvo not available in Colombia?

In addition to smuggling, Nuvo counterfeiting became a major problem. Counterfeit products sought to imitate both the appearance and taste of the original liquor, thus deceiving unsuspecting consumers. The proliferation of these fake products in the market eroded consumer trust, generating a direct impact on sales and the perception of quality associated with the renowned Nuvo brand. Although it is currently difficult to find this product in Colombia and there are no representatives of the brand, it is still possible to purchase Nuvo in duty-free establishments in Latin American airports. However, its availability is limited and it has become a rare gem for lovers of this exclusive liquor.

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