Ron Maestro Botero, Una Joya Invaluable en el Mundo de los Licores - Licores Medellín

Maestro Botero Rum, A Priceless Jewel in the World of Spirits


The world of liquors often surprises us with unique and exceptional products. One of these treasures is the legacy of the late artist, Ron Maestro Botero, a creation that combines the skill of the Fábrica de Licores de Antioquia with the artistic genius of the legendary Colombian painter and sculptor, Fernando Botero.

Maestro Botero Rum, the one behind the Bottle:

Maestro Botero Rum is a rum with a deeply captivating history. This distillate, aged for 15 years, emerges from the stills of the Fábrica de Licores de Antioquia (FLA) in Medellín, the birthplace of renowned artist Fernando Botero. However, what truly distinguishes it is its bottle and label, personally created by Maestro Botero.

The Art in Every Bottle of Maestro Botero Rum:

The Maestro Botero Rum bottle is a work of art in itself. Botero created it "freehand," and chose a 2011 painting of his called "Men Drinking" for the label. This painting has never been exhibited publicly and is part of the artist's private collection. In addition, the bottle is carved with Botero's signature, making it a collector's item for lovers of rum and the master's works.

Launch and Social Commitment:

Maestro Botero Rum was launched in 2012 with a special purpose. During its launch, the Fábrica de Licores de Antioquia promised to allocate part of the profits from its sale to museums in Medellín. This initiative merges art and culture with the world of spirits, making each bottle have a value beyond its content.

A Treasure for Collectors:

At the time, 100,000 copies of Maestro Botero Rum were sold at a price between 45 and 50 dollars. However, the value of this piece has increased considerably over time. According to curators and spirits experts, a bottle of Maestro Botero Rum in the hands of collectors can reach a price ranging between 200 and 300 dollars. This value is not only due to the distillate, but to the meaning that the bottle created by the late Maestro Botero carries with it.

Characteristics of Rum:

Maestro Botero Rum has a subtle but deep fruity aroma and its flavor, a combination of caramel and wood. Each bottle contains 750 ml of this elixir and has an alcoholic content of 37°. Its tone is a deep amber color and it has a label that details the work on the bottle.

A Legacy for Art and Culture:

Fernando Botero, deceased but eternally influential, holds the title of being the Principal Plastic Artist of Colombia. His unwavering devotion to art and culture is indisputable, and through the creation of Maestro Botero Rum, he further extended his impact in the world of spirits. Each bottle of this rum not only offers a sensory delight, but also represents an investment in the future of art and culture, as much of the profits go to enriching these disciplines.

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