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Differences between a Rum and a Rum Liqueur


In the dynamic and competitive beverage industry, we are witnessing the bold emergence of new variants of rum liquor, both domestically produced and imported. Now, what is the fundamental distinction that separates these two products?

What is the difference between Rum and Rum Liqueur?

The primary difference between rum liquor and rum is in their sugar content, but there are other fundamental distinctions that deserve our attention. Rum, being a distilled alcoholic beverage, is created from the fermentation and distillation of sugar cane or molasses, with an aging process in barrels and by age, culminating in an alcohol content typically between 35 and 55 degrees.

In contrast, rum liquor is revealed as a sweetened alcoholic beverage, the result of the harmonious combination of rum with sugar or other sweeteners. Generally, its alcohol content is in a lower range than that of rum, hovering around 25 degrees.

However, beyond the sugar content and alcohol content, a remarkably differentiated sensory universe emerges. Rum usually delights us with a robust flavor and aromatic complexity, partly the result of its aging process in wooden barrels. This aging brings not only an intricate flavor profile, but also a silky texture that manifests in its noticeable silky tears. On the other hand, rum liquor offers a softer and sweeter experience on the palate, characterized by sweetened and pleasant flavors.

It is essential to emphasize that a noticeable difference between the two lies in the economic aspect, since rum liquor usually has a more affordable cost.

When it comes to use, rum lends itself to multiple interpretations, and can be enjoyed neat, with ice, or play a starring role in the creation of a wide range of cocktails, both classic and innovative. On the other hand, rum liquor, with its inherent sweetness, is ideally designed to be incorporated into mixes and cocktails, although it can also be enjoyed refreshingly on its own.

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  • Excelente información,para las personas que nos gusta disfrutar diferente licores de calidad y costo,en este caso los RONES… saludos desde Perú.


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