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New Image of Rum Viejo de Caldas


“We all have secrets that make us powerful” and with this new renewal campaign comes the Liquor Industry of Caldas. On October 19, 2023, Ron Viejo de Caldas will present its exciting innovation. The outstanding family of rums, which includes Traditional Rum, Essential Rum, Juan de la Cruz, Carta de Oro and Special Reserve, will undergo a transformation that will captivate its loyal consumers and attract new rum lovers.

In this updating process, it has been decided to give these products an even more distinctive identity. The labels and bottle caps have undergone a design aimed at giving them a fresh, attractive and ecological appearance that underlines the value that consumers have for the leading rum brand in Colombia. These changes are not limited only to the aesthetic aspect, but also focus on the presentation of essential information, such as the origin, age and production process of each of the rum varieties, set in a more innovative and simple tone. .

This renewal extends to all presentations, from shots to bottles of different sizes, including glass, tetrapack and carafe. The Caldas Liquor Industry seeks to provide an improved visual experience to consumers at all levels of enjoyment.

It is important to highlight that these visual changes not only aim to enhance the values ​​of the brand, but also seek to prevent smugglers and the adulterated liquor market from taking advantage of current resources to counterfeit products and for them to reach the consumer. The new glass bottle caps are no longer identified by colors that represented the departments (previously red and black), instead, they are coded with the characteristic tones of the different ages of the rums, thus facilitating their identification and authenticity.

This new presentation of Ron Viejo de Caldas will be appreciated by loyal followers and will contribute to consolidating the brand's position as a high-quality, authentic and distinguished rum in the market.

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