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New Bottle of Mil Demonios Brandy


Mil Demonios, the Ultra Premium artisanal liquor from Colombia, expands its international excellence by presenting its new bottle. On this occasion, the brand has conceived a luxury collaboration with the renowned bartender of Japanese descent, Rogerio Igarashi. Together, they have created an exquisite cocktail called Demonios Reviven #2, fusing Igarashi's mastery with the quality of the liquor.

The bottle of Mil Demonios has been designed with inspiration from the doors of the tobacco shops in colonial Cartagena, a tribute to the rich history of the spirit. This new design, the work of the talented Imasd team in Medellín, will hit the local market starting in November.

In addition to the new image of its bottles, Mil Demonios announces an exciting contest for local bartenders with cocktail experience. The objective is to find the creator of the next chapter of the iconic cocktail, which will be called Demonios Reviven #3.

Rogerio Igarashi shares his impressions of Mil Demonios and its creation: "Mil Demonios is a delicate and smooth spirit with citrus and herbal notes, such as fennel. It is a liqueur that can be enjoyed alone or with ice. The Demonios Reviven #2 cocktail transforms any classic cocktail when using Mil Demonios as a base and we discovered that the fennel notes combine wonderfully with the absinthe, giving life to a refreshing and exotic drink. Thus, we have found a new way to enjoy the spirit."

Mil Demonios distinguishes itself as the only Colombian spirit to win three silver medals and one gold medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, a highly prestigious competition worldwide. This recognition has consolidated Mil Demonios as the first Ultra Premium artisanal spirit in Colombia.

Mauricio Gutiérrez, co-founder of Mil Demonios, shares the passion behind this new presentation: "Mil Demonios revives a clandestine recipe rescued from the memories of lustful nights in colonial Cartagena de Indias. Inspired by our history, we launch a new bottle inspired by colonial Cartagena. In addition, together with the talent of Igarashi, we have created an exotic cocktail that provides a unique way to enjoy the spirit. Likewise, we seek to motivate local talents who are experts in cocktails to be part of the creation of a new cocktail of a Thousand Demons".

Starting November 1, the Demonios Reviven contest will open for local bartenders in Bogotá, Medellín and Cartagena. The call will be available on social networks and the brand's official page. Participants must register, accepting the terms and conditions, and record a video of no more than 2 minutes, explaining the inspiration and ingredients behind their cocktail proposal. A jury will select 3 finalists from the cities invited, who will travel to the capital to present their creations. The winner will have the honor of being the author of the Demonios Reviven #3 cocktail and will attend the Mil Demonios production plant to bottle their own version of Mil Demonios.

With this commitment to its new image, the collaboration with Igarashi and the support for Colombian bartenders, Mil Demonios continues to consolidate itself as the first Ultra Premium artisanal spirit in Colombia.

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