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New Rum Viejo de Caldas cocktails, Ready to Drink


The Liquor Industry of Caldas is in constant innovation and is now entering the world of cocktails with three new products: Cuba Libre, which is lemon-cola flavored, and the Mojito, which is flavored with lime and green mint, and additionally a cocktail with tonic water flavor, made with our new Bosque de Indias Gin. Ready-to-drink cocktails come in 295 milliliter cans and contain 9 degrees of alcohol. Cocktails allow you to have a long drink that can be enjoyed cold at any time of the day. They are an attractive alternative for those looking to enjoy a refreshing and flavorful drink, but without the high alcohol content of other products.

Cuba libre cocktail old rum from Caldas
Cuba libre cocktail with old rum from Caldas
Gin and tonic cocktail with Indian forest
Gin Tonic Cocktail with Indian Forest

The liquor industry worldwide has been launching similar cocktails, aimed at young people and consumers looking for practicality and simplicity. With these new products, ILC complements its sales portfolio, which has generated a great impact in the market with products such as Esencial rum liquor, Roble Blanco, Aguardiente Amarillo, Bosque de Indias, the new image of Cheers and the new Sleeping Lion Finished.

Andrés Elías Borrero Manrique, general manager of the Caldas Liquor Industry, explained that they are in the product coding and channel supply stage, and that the official launch will be in May. The ILC is setting the national standard in innovations, with an expert team from the idealization of concepts to the development of labels and beverage designs. Very soon it will be available throughout the country and in Licores Medellín.

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  • Se ven súper ricos, me gustaría probar el mojito…

    Pablo Uzuriaga
  • Recomentado el de Mojito, super rico y con hielo pa estos calores

  • Qué interesante, no veo la hora de que llegue a Medellín y poder disfrutar de eso sabores!!!

  • ¡Súper! Ya quiero que estén en medellín…

    Camila Cuartas

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