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If Brandy freezes, is it adulterated?


Aguardiente is a drink that occupies a special place in Colombian culture, and as liquor experts, we know that it is a classic that is enjoyed both neat and in cocktails. It is a must at any celebration and its alcohol content varies between 24° and 40°, depending on the brand and type of spirit you choose.

However, it is common for Aguardiente consumers to wonder why this drink can freeze or frost if placed in a freezer. The answer is quite simple: brandy is a drink that has a complex chemical composition, with a high proportion of water and alcohol, which makes it susceptible to freezing at low temperatures.

Unlike other liquors such as rum or whiskey, Aguardiente has a relatively low alcohol content, which means that it contains a significant amount of water. When cooled, the alcohol and water mixture can crystallize and form small ice crystals, creating the phenomenon known as frosting or freezing.

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It is important to note that the frosting or freezing of Spirits does not indicate that the drink has been adulterated or that its quality has been compromised. In fact, frosting is a natural phenomenon and is more likely to occur in drinks that have a higher proportion of water.

Although some people associate the freezing of Spirits with the adulteration of the product, this is totally false. The quality of the Brandy remains intact even if the drink freezes. In fact, some experts suggest that frosting can improve the quality of the spirit, as it can concentrate some of the flavors and aromas in the drink.

It is important to note that this drink is consumed cold, but it is not necessary to freeze it. Finally, make sure you buy your Aguardiente in safe places and with the legal components necessary for its consumption. Be wary if it has broken seals, elements foreign to the liquid, violated labels or inconsistent batches.

Remember that the frosting of Spirits is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to the chemical composition of the drink, and does not indicate that the product has been adulterated. So if you ever find yourself with a Brandy that has frozen or frosted, don't worry, just let it thaw at room temperature and enjoy it as you always would. Health!

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