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New Rum Quimbaya Gold


Quimbaya Gold Rum: A Tribute to the Colombian Spirit

PDC Vinos y Licores, a company with almost 70 years of experience in the production of high-quality wines and spirits in Colombia, presents its latest achievement: Quimbaya Gold Rum. This brand not only represents a drink, but also a tribute to the Quimbaya, an ancient Colombian civilization rooted in agriculture and famous for its impressive metalwork, which includes enigmas such as its mysterious pre-Columbian planes.

This golden and shiny rum, with a friendly and light character, but at the same time forceful with its 35 degrees of alcohol, arrives like a jewel on the panorama of national rums. Breaking traditional molds, this spirit offers a new perspective for lovers of alcoholic beverages. Its notes of tropical fruits, embraced by nuances of caramel, vanilla and a final touch of toasted almonds, distinguish it as a unique option on the market. Its aging in American oak barrels does not impose its presence, but rather accompanies it, providing those rich tones of vanilla, caramel and almonds.

It is precisely this softness and elegance that leads consumers to enjoy it in its purest form: in a chilled shot or served in a short glass over ice. The alcohol integrates harmoniously with the distillate, sliding smoothly down the throat, highlighting its subtlety and delicacy.

Behind the label of Rum Quimbaya Gold:

Maturation: Aged in oak barrels.

Color: Amber with intense golden flashes.

Alcohol Levels: 35% vol.

Aroma: Notes of tropical fruits, especially passion fruit and pineapple, accompanied by caramel, vanilla and a final touch of toasted almonds.

Flavor: Friendly and smooth, with perfectly integrated alcohol. The nuances of caramel and dried fruits stand out, with an aftertaste of almonds and vanilla.

Finish: Balanced and easy to consume. Wood aging provides rich notes of vanilla, caramel and almonds without overwhelming, but rather accompanying harmoniously.

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Aug 22, 2023

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