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What is Fernet


Fernet, an Italian liqueur with a marked bitter intensity, arises from a meticulous combination of herbs and spices. Its components include gentiana root, angelica, rhubarb, myrtle, chamomile, cardamom and saffron. With an alcohol content ranging between 35% and 40%, Fernet delights with its flavor profile that embraces bitterness and herbalism.

Fernet Luxardo Appetizer Bottle - 750ml
Fernet Luxardo Appetizer Bottle - 750ml

Fernet, usually enjoyed as a digestif at the end of a meal, has also demonstrated its versatility when combined with other liquors in cocktail creations, such as the iconic combination with coca or its refreshing pairing with soda.

In the course of the 19th century, this bitter elixir saw the light of day in Italy thanks to the apothecary Bernardino Branca, who presented his creation for the first time in Milan, in 1845. Acceptance was rapid and fervent in the peninsula, subsequently radiating its influence to destinations. distant ones like Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Spain.

What can I accompany or pair Fernet with?

- Red meat: Its presence magnifies the nuances of red meat, whether it is a roast, steak or loin.

- Cheeses: It blends harmoniously with robust cheeses such as parmesan, cheddar and gouda.

- Desserts: It also stands out as a complement to desserts, caressing chocolate, cheesecake and ice cream.

Cocktails with Fernet

- Fernet with coca: The classic where it is fused with coke, accompanied by the tinkling of ice.

- Fernet with soda: A lighter option that mixes fernet and soda, with the freshness of ice.

- Fernet with Campari: A higher step on the bitterness scale, uniting fernet, Campari and ice.

Fernet brands that are marketed in Colombia:

  • Fernet Branca
  • Fernet Luxardo
  • Fernet Cinzano

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