Nueva Bebida HidraTAO - Licores Medellín

New HidraTAO Drink


The Fábrica de Licores de Antioquia boldly ventures into the universe of non-alcoholic beverages with its latest innovation: a moisturizer that, although it avoids the serum label, shares its revitalizing benefits.

New HydraTAO

HidraTAO emerges as FLA's new hydrating bet, meticulously designed to maintain rhythm and restore fluids and electrolytes lost during intense activities.

Components of HydraTAO:

  • Coconut Water (10%): A powerful natural moisturizer that infuses freshness and vitality.
  • Electrolytes: They contribute to the replacement of essential salts and minerals, promoting muscle recovery.
  • BCAA's (Essential Amino Acids): They not only protect the liver from high levels of physiological stress associated with alcohol consumption, but also support the overall health of the body.
  • B vitamins: They stimulate the production of red and white blood cells, providing fundamental neurological and metabolic benefits.
  • Amino acids: In addition to BCAAs, other amino acids contribute to the protection of the liver in situations of physiological stress, providing comprehensive support.

HidraTAO not only represents a transition towards healthier options, but also the FLA's commitment to offering products that adapt to diverse lifestyles.

Flavors of HydraTAO:

Watermelon Cherry, Coconut Lemon, Blueberry, Passion Fruit Orange Pineapple.

Presentation of HydraTAO:

600 ml PET bottle, following the line of its direct competitor, Electrolit.

HidraTAO Price:

Its suggested price in chain stores, large stores in Colombia and soon in Licores Medellín is $5,000.

It is crucial to note that HidraTAO is not a medication, but a moisturizer. Its consumption must comply with the indications specified on the label. Although it is suitable for children under 16 years of age, it is always recommended to consult a health professional before incorporating any supplement or product into the diet of young people.

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