Nuevo Licor de Ron Pink - Licores Medellín

New Medellín Pink Rum Liqueur


Following the line of beer, tequila, gin and pink vodka, rum could not be left behind. We present " Pink ", a rum liqueur with an alcoholic strength of 29°, created to enchant new consumers and join the trend of soft, sophisticated and very inclusive liqueurs. It is presented in the classic transparent bottle used for the renowned 19-year-old Medellín Rum from the Fábrica de Licores de Antioquia (FLA), standing out for its captivating and distinctive pink liquid, with notes of kiwi, lemon and grapefruit.

Despite consolidating with more than 50% participation in its segment, FLA continues to expand its variety of products to explore new horizons. Taking advantage of the current trend led by Karol G, the FLA has launched Pink, a rum liqueur that adds to the preference for soft spirits, with attractive flavors and colors.

Javier Ignacio Hurtado, manager of FLA, shares his analysis of the offer and competition, concluding that the company has a valuable brand that can take advantage of local and foreign trends.

For some time now, the spirits and rum segment has been looking for a renewal to attract new consumers looking for more modern products. The creators of Pink have detailed its sensory profile, including notes of lemon, kiwi and grapefruit, consolidating it as an option to strengthen a catalog that already includes red, blue, green and royal spirits, in addition to the renowned Ron Medellín and Barú (hard drink). seltzer).

The launch of Pink at the Karol G concert will add a touch of sophistication to the event, marking not only the company's entry into the world of innovative spirits, but also inaugurating a new chapter by exploring non-liquor beverages such as HidraTAO.

This exciting milestone merges the worlds of entertainment and mixology, giving music and spirits lovers a unique experience.

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