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Cuba Libre, the famous Cocktail now in a Can


Cuba Libre, An Iconic Cocktail

The Cuba Libre, a famous Cuban cocktail, stands out for its rich history and unique composition. It is formed from a fusion of cola, rum and lemon juice, using ingredients such as aged rum, cola, lemon, salt, mineral water and sugar to create an unrivaled taste experience.

Denominations in Different Regions

In Mexico, this refreshing cocktail is known simply as "cuba", while in Spain and much of Latin America it is referred to as "cubalibre". Colloquially, in some regions, it is affectionately called "cubata". In Chile and some parts of Peru, they have adopted the name "roncola."

Evolution of the cocktail industry.

The evolution of the beverage industry has led Cuba Libre to adapt to current trends. The presentation in cans is a clear example of this adaptation, offering an option ready to enjoy at any time.

RTD Rum and Cola Innovation

In 1991, a pioneering idea emerged that marks a milestone in the history of Cuba Libre: the first RTD Rum and Cola in the world under the "Cuba Libre" brand. This innovation has allowed the cocktail to conquer various continents, gaining popularity for its originality, innovation and quality.

Expansion in 2024, Arrival in Colombia

This year marks a new chapter for the Cuba Libre brand, which arrives in the country with three distinctive presentations: the classic Cuba Libre, the refreshing Mojito and the tropical Piña Colada. These variants seek to compete in the market for local ready-to-drink cocktails, highlighting that the Cuba Libre contains 8% alcohol and is presented in 350 ml cans.

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