¿Qué es un mocktail?

What is a mocktail?


Mocktails have gained popularity as an emerging trend, and at Licores Medellín we give you a detailed explanation.

What exactly is a mocktail?

The answer is simple: "mocktail" is a combination of the words "mock" and "cocktail", and its translation would be something like a mock cocktail, that is, a drink with the presentation and style of a cocktail, but without the presence of alcohol.

With this clear concept, it is easy to understand why Mocktails are trending. They are presented as the perfect alternative to traditional cocktails and mixes that contain alcohol. Non-alcoholic cocktails are the favorite choice of those who know they are going to drive and do not want to consume alcoholic beverages, as well as pregnant or breastfeeding women, athletes, those committed to healthy eating, and those who follow religious or medical prescriptions. , and abstainers in general.

In our lexicon, the term "Mocktail" does not appear, nor have we adopted the designation of 'virgin drink', used in English as "virgin drink". Instead, you simply order a mocktail when you are looking to enjoy a drink that combines different flavors and is usually served in elegant glasses or glasses. The range of non-alcoholic cocktails can be varied, with fruit flavored options especially standing out, including drinks with exotic touches.

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