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Brands eliminate plastic dispensers.


The elimination of plastic dispensers is a fact.

It is understandable that many consumers may associate the absence of dispensers on liquor bottles purchased in supermarkets or trusted stores with a lack of authenticity or even raise suspicions about their origin. This is because they were traditionally used to measure and pour the drink precisely, ensuring proper dosage. However, it is important to highlight that numerous beverage companies worldwide are taking significant measures to reduce production costs and adopt innovative practices with the aim of addressing the problem of plastic, which has a high polluting impact and tends to have low recycling rates.

Bacardi Group pioneered eliminating plastic nozzles.

Bacardi, recognized as the leading private company in the global alcoholic beverage industry, is taking significant steps in line with other prestigious industry houses to reduce approximately 140 tons of single-use plastic each year. This achievement is being carried out through the elimination of plastic dispensers in their bottles in countries such as the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Spain and Portugal.

The plastic non-refillable (NRF) accessory is common throughout the spirits industry and is currently found in the neck of several of the company's iconic brands, such as BACARDÍ® Rum, MARTINI®, PATRÓN® Tequila, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® Gin and Whiskey DEWAR'S® blended Scotch.

The recall has already begun and, at the beginning of next year, all 1.75 l bottles of BACARDÍ Rum, including Superior, Gold and Coconut, in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, and other 700 ml references will no longer contain dispensers. of plastic, which will reduce 76 tons of plastic per year.

The Bacardi Group has committed to being completely plastic-free by 2030. Therefore, the company is reviewing all the ways it currently uses plastic and exploring whether it can be eliminated or replaced with more sustainable alternatives. In this sense, an important milestone will be reached in 2023, when Bacardi eliminates all single-use plastic at points of sale, both in packaging and promotional materials.

In Mexico and Latin America, Bacardi is gradually eliminating plastic dispensers in all brands in its portfolio.

"We are taking this bold step because it is the right thing to do for the planet. As a family-owned business for over 160 years, pioneering change is in our DNA, and we are proud to lead the sector by taking another big step towards our commitment to be completely plastic-free by 2030," said Rodolfo Nervi, VP of Global Safety, Quality and Sustainability at Bacardi.

"Consumers will continue to enjoy the same exceptional quality and taste across our portfolio of brands as we continue our path toward a more sustainable future," Nervi concluded.

Bacardi is reviewing all the ways it currently uses plastic and studying whether it can be eliminated or replaced with more sustainable alternatives. A major milestone will be reached in 2024, when the company eliminates all single-use plastic from its gift packaging and point-of-sale materials.

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