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Absolut Cocktails, The new innovation of Vodka in a Can


Absolut Vodka, one of the most recognized brands worldwide, has launched an exciting range of ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails called "Absolut Cocktails", with the aim of strengthening its prestige in the world of premium cocktails. This exciting new collection from Absolut features three popular cocktails – Passionfruit Martini, Espresso Martini and Strawberry Spritz – offered in 250ml pre-mixed cans, providing a convenient option for enjoying them. RTD cocktails have seen notable growth in value (+4.6%), with vodka-based cocktails accounting for 34% of all RTD spirits sales in the UK.

The range is notable for its elegant and cohesive design across each can, showcasing the distinctive silhouette of Absolut's iconic 18th century medicine bottle, allowing it to stand out on decanter shelves.

Absolut Cocktails Flavors

This amazing variety of canned cocktails includes:

- Absolut Espresso Martini: A delicious coffee cocktail made with Absolut vodka, real coffee and a note of vanilla, served with a smooth and creamy foam.

- Absolut Strawberry Spritz: A refreshing and effervescent combination of Absolut vodka with natural flavors of juicy sun-ripened strawberries and the delicate touch of elderberry.

- Absolut Passionfruit Martini: An effervescent version of the UK's favorite cocktail that combines Absolut vodka with natural flavors of spicy passion fruit and sweet vanilla.

These captivating cocktails offer a unique flavor experience and are ready to drink chilled anytime, anywhere.

Absolut cocktails Cans ready to drinks

Absolut Cocktails Launch

Chris Shead, Off-Trade Channel Director at Pernod Ricard UK, shared his perspective on the accelerated growth of the canned cocktails category, highlighting the goal of also leading in the premium RTD cocktails segment, just as they have achieved in the field. of premium liquors. He emphasized that Absolut has been carefully designed for mixing, and was excited about the addition of two new RTD cocktails, including the successful Absolut Passionfruit Martini launched last summer. This new range offers consumers a premium cocktail experience at a very affordable price, in a can that is perfect for enjoying before going out or at parties. In addition, it represents direct competition for its rival, the Smirnoff Ice from Diageo.

Additionally, the Absolut Cocktails range will feature tasting activities in key cities and festivals this summer across Europe, where the brand will showcase an incredible, gigantic interactive disco can. Consumers will have the chance to spin to win a variety of prizes from Absolut, including extra cans, cooler bags designed to carry three RTDs, bar vouchers and festival tickets.

Each cocktail in the Absolut Cocktails line has an alcohol content of 5% and a recommended retail price of $2.50. These exciting cocktails will be available in several countries in Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. In addition, starting in May 2023, Absolut's Ready to Drinks are expected to be available in the Latin market. Countries like Peru and Mexico are already marketing these drinks with more local flavors, giving consumers in this region the opportunity to enjoy these delicious ready-to-drink options.

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