Programación Feria de las Flores 2023 Medellín - Licores Medellín

Flower Fair Programming 2023 Medellín


The Flower Fair in Medellín is an emblematic festival that highlights the biodiversity of flowers and birds of the region, as well as the tradition of transportation and trade of the past. In addition, it puts the Silletero, a cultural symbol of Colombia, in the foreground. The Fair has more than 140 events, including parades, exhibitions and competitions, which take place from July 28 to August 7. Some events are free and open to the public.

Download the Official Program of the 2023 Flower Fair

Highlighting some aspects of the Fair is the charming Children's Chair Parade, a special tradition that showcases the colorful floral creations made by the little ones. You can also explore the history and tradition of flower cultivation in Santa Elena, a region with beautiful plantations that reflect a tradition rooted in local culture.

Another important element is the history of the silleteros, from their humble origins to their role as representatives of Colombian culture. You can enjoy the anecdotes and stories that have forged their legacy, as well as admire the skill and love they transmit through each saddle.

The diversity of flowers in Colombia is another natural treasure that can be discovered at the Fair. From lush orchids to vibrant roses, the country offers a stunning variety of flowers and butterflies. This natural legacy is a source of pride and amazement.

Medellín, known as the City of Eternal Spring, is wrapped in an eternal floral embrace thanks to its mild and pleasant climate throughout the year. Its lush landscapes and colorful gardens provide a constant feeling of renewal and vitality.

Flower chairs, elaborate structures decorated with fresh flowers, are ephemeral masterpieces that captivate with their beauty and creativity. At the Fair you can see different types of silletas, from traditional to contemporary, and witness the competitions where floral artists bring their inspirations to life.

The costumes of the Flower Fair reflect the rich cultural heritage of the region. With vibrant costumes and artisanal details, ancient traditions are honored and the community's identity is celebrated. Each element tells a story that connects generations and preserves cultural roots.

The Flower Fair is an anticipated annual event that transforms Medellín into a vibrant scene full of color, music and flowers. It is a unique opportunity to experience the magic of this celebration that fuses tradition and joy in a memorable show.

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