Don Julio Última Reserva, la joya de la corona de los tequilas. - Licores Medellín

Don Julio Última Reserva, the jewel in the crown of tequilas.


Don Julio Última Reserva is a luxury tequila that captivates the senses. Produced by the renowned Mexican distillery Don Julio, it is considered one of the most exclusive and high-quality tequilas on the market. This exceptional tequila rests patiently in oak barrels that previously aged bourbon for over 36 months and is then perfected in seasoned Madeira wine barrels. Through a unique aging process in the solera system, the experts at Tequila Don Julio combine and mature tequilas with different characteristics, giving this unique creation a special place in the heart of each agave harvest of Don Julio González and his family.

Production process of Don Julio Última Reserva

Don Julio Última Reserva stands out as an extra añejo tequila, which implies a longer aging than that required to be classified as a standard añejo. It is meticulously made using hand-selected blue agaves grown in the Los Altos region of Jalisco, Mexico. Its production process involves careful distillation and prolonged maturation in American and French white oak barrels, which give it a smooth and complex flavor. Each bottle is numbered and hand-signed by the master tequila maker, enhancing its exclusive character.

Tasting Notes Don Julio Last Reservation

With an alcoholic content of 40%, Tequila Don Julio Última Reserva dazzles with its intense amber color, inviting you to discover an unmatched flavor experience. On the nose, captivating notes of toasted oak and caramel can be seen, creating a seductive and sophisticated fragrance. When savored, this tequila reveals its distinctive essence with nuances of apricot and orange, wrapped in a soft embrace of honeyed agave. Each sip celebrates the complexity and balance of exquisite flavors.

Price of Don Julio Last Reservation

Due to its limited production and high demand, Don Julio Última Reserva is often highly priced and can be difficult to find. It is appreciated by connoisseurs and collectors of fine spirits alike, as well as those seeking an exceptional tasting experience. Its bottle is unique, completely transparent and somewhat heavy, with a solid and somewhat diamond-shaped glass lid, it provides an additional touch of distinction. This tequila is specially designed for collectors and is widely accepted in the American and Asian markets. Its price ranges between 520 - 600 USD. It is only sold in Mexico, the US, Europe and Asia.

Pairings with Don Julio Last Reservation

Tequila Don Julio Última Reserva is presented as the ideal companion for authentic Mexican food, sublimely enhancing soft, fruity and citrus sauces. Their mere presence on the table adds a level above any culinary experience, offering a truly memorable pairing. Undoubtedly, this exceptional drink is inseparably combined with a dish of high turmequé.

Tequila Don Julio Última Reserva is a distilled masterpiece, the result of a meticulous aging process and the passion of tequila masters. Its captivating notes and unique character make it an exceptional choice for connoisseurs of fine spirits and lovers of the most sophisticated sensory experience.

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