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Canned Sangria Lit, The Evolution of the Drink


Sangria A Refreshing and Versatile Classic

Sangria, originally from Spain and Portugal, is an appetizing and popular drink. Its traditional essence consists of mixing red wine with fresh fruits, such as oranges, lemons, apples and peaches. The sweetness comes from sugar or honey, while liqueurs, soft drinks, juices and spices can further enhance its flavor, depending on the recipe and regional palate.

Sangria Lit Rosé Seltzer Aperitif - 269ml
Sangria Lit Rosé Seltzer Aperitif - 269ml

Distinguished by its dazzling appearance thanks to floating fruits, the sangria allows for multiple customization according to individual tastes. It is usually served cold, being particularly attractive in hot climates due to its refreshing character.

Over the years, sangria has evolved and been creatively adapted. Although it was once mainly related to bullfighting events, today it has overcome stigmas and has become a social and festive drink. Its fruity and revitalizing flavor makes it a favorite option during the hottest months. However, its pleasant sweetness can mask its alcoholic content, so it should be consumed with caution, especially since its strength can vary depending on the amount of wine and spirits used.

In addition to the classic red wine version, white sangrias, made with white or rosé wine, also have their charm. Some modern versions incorporate elements such as berries, mangoes, mint, aromatic herbs and may even have a carbonated presentation such as "ready to drink" ones.

Sangria in Colombia: Fusing Tradition and Modernity

In Colombia, sangria has conquered the palate thanks to its refreshing flavor and striking presentation. Ideal for the tropical climate and festive culture, it has earned a place at the celebration table. The wide variety of local fruits, the trend towards innovative cocktails, the multicultural influence and the rise of tourism have boosted its popularity. Both locals and visitors enjoy this delicacy that has been successfully integrated into the Colombian culinary and beverage scene, to the point of becoming a recurring choice in restaurants and special occasions.

Sangria, from Boot to Can: A Modern Twist

A notable example of this evolution is Lit, a Colombian brand that has traveled through the world of hard seltzer. Their most recent creation, sangria with lychee, is part of their Rosé Seltzer series. This delight, presented in 269 ml cans, is designed for the young and irreverent public. With careful carbonation that enhances its flavor, Lit Rosé Seltzer highlights the essence of sangria with lychee in a fresh and attractive proposal. It is available in large stores and at

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