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Cocktail spheres, the novelty of molecular science.


Molecular gastronomy has transformed the way we experience the world of food and drink culture, taking creativity to a whole new level. This is the case with Cocktail Spheres, a phenomenon that has captivated the senses of modern foodies and given life to an incomparably memorable cocktail experience.

The Science Behind Creating Cocktail Spheres:

Molecular cocktail spheres are the culmination of the union between science and gastronomy. This innovative process requires the integration of ingredients such as sodium alginate, a compound extracted from seaweed. This essential component is responsible for generating the gelatinous membrane that surrounds the liquid inside the sphere. The result of the chemical reaction that arises when sodium alginate joins with calcium chloride is an interesting texture that arouses anyone's curiosity.

Cocktail Spheres, An Unparalleled Sensory Experience:

Beyond their visual appearance, cocktail spheres represent a captivating sensory journey. By breaking the gelatinous membrane by biting into the sphere, the liquid is released into the mouth, unleashing a symphony of flavors and aromas. From mojitos that burst with the freshness of mint to margaritas that awaken with their characteristic bittersweet touch, these spheres redesign the way we experience cocktails.

Cocktail Spheres that Challenge Creativity:

The possibilities of transforming cocktails into molecular spheres are truly limitless. From classic combinations like gin and tonic and mojito to bold creations that incorporate exotic flavors, cocktail spheres represent a unique and exciting way to present and enjoy drinks. Can you imagine enjoying a cosmopolitan that explodes in your mouth or a martini that unfolds with every bite?

Considerations and Safety:

Although molecular cocktail spheres are novel and delicious, it is essential to emphasize the importance of food safety and expert handling of ingredients. Professionals who master this technique must possess a thorough knowledge of the products involved and follow protocols to ensure that the results are not only delicious, but also safe for human consumption. It is worth mentioning that, when consumed in excess, these spheres have the potential to generate a feeling of intoxication in a matter of minutes.

Presentation, sale and cost of Cocktail Spheres.

These spheres are usually available in tube presentations and served with personal utensils such as individual spoons. They are a sensation at social events, from business launches to weddings. Molecular cocktail spheres have gained ground in Colombia. Imported mostly from the United States and China, several brands offer a wide portfolio of options. From the classic mojito and martini to more innovative alternatives, these spheres come in various presentations and sizes, with average prices ranging between $30,000 and $50,000 Colombian pesos, depending on the flavor, liquor, presentation and weight.

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