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Taste wines like a professional

Oct 31, 2022Licores Medellín ia Admin

In order to enjoy wine as it should be, we bring you a guide of three simple steps where you can taste wines like a professional.

1. Visual step When uncorking the came , we serve a little in the glass. We proceed to smell the cork, it must not have vinegary or cardboard smells. We take the glass by the stem or base and tilt the glass 45 degrees approximately; We proceed to observe the color of the wine. Generally, the more cherry and shiny it looks, the more it will be young . If it looks like brick color, tending to orange, it will be aged by parenting. We can also see the density, the denser, the more concentration of alcohol will have the drink.

2. Olfactory step Without shaking the wine, we smell the wine seeking to locate the natural aromas, of grapes, fruit or vegetable. Now, we lightly shake the glass so that the wine enters contact with oxygen and give off more aromas. Finally we shake more energetically and the so-called tertiary aromas will be released.

3. taste step When taking the first sip, we can pass it with the tongue from one side to the other to try to appreciate the 4 basic tastes: salty, sweet, bitter and sour. He called round wine is the one that achieves the perfect balance. Then we can feel the texture, it will be smooth or rough, depending on the wine quality. Finally, we will be able to feel what ending the wine has left us, if it was acidic, tannic or if you can't define it clearly.

Now, you will be able to taste wines like a professional by following the step by step of this guide.

Start now, buy sparkling wines, young wines, reserves and champagne for your celebrations.

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