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3 must-have liqueurs for Christmas

Oct 31, 2022Licores Medellín ia Admin

December is a time that is usually familiar, full of events and festivities, where liquor is one of the protagonists for the celebrations and sharing with our friends and loved ones.

So that you can prepare yourself by making your pre-purchases - decembrinas, we bring you 3 liqueurs that cannot missing at Christmas gatherings and that will give it a special touch.

- Came sparkling:
Wine is one of the most famous liquors for this month. Be it champagne, lambrusco, prosseco, you can find a wide variety between young and sparkling that will give that bubbly touch to your events.

- Beer:
This drink is preferred by most of us when sharing with friends and family. Composed of barley, it contains up to 30 minerals and comes in different flavors and presentations, national and imported, which combines perfectly with any meal.

- Whiskey:
This drink is obtained thanks to the distillation of barley and other cereals and becomes the companion ideal for those who like different experiences or cocktails based on this liquor.

Remember to take care of your health and that of your loved ones, therefore, always check that the liquors are 100% legal. Accompany your celebrations with Licores Medellín.

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