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Types of Beer Glass

Oct 25, 2022Licores Medellín ia Admin

In the world there are a wide variety of types of beer glass, this with the aim of helping to highlight the characteristics of the drink such as its flavor, shape, aromas and other properties of the most consumed drink in the world. However, it must be differentiated in which glass to serve each type of beer and thus enjoy it in the correct way. That is why, at Licores Medellín we will show you the right glass for each type of beer.


Also known as an American pint, it is the most common glass to serve beer due to its common use in types of ales and lagers such as Everyday BBC . The glass type of this glass keeps the beer cold for longer.

This pitcher is made of thick glass, which keeps the beer cold, and a handle so the temperature doesn't change when you pick up the glass. Being wide allows the release of aromas. It is used in American ales and lagers, English ales, German lagers, and some pilsners such as Budweiser .

These types of glasses are designed for wheat beers. Its curvature at the top helps to leave a thick layer of foam when the beer is served and thus appreciate the characteristic flavor and aroma of wheat beers.

flute glass
Being narrow, it maintains carbonation, which in turn allows its strong aroma to be appreciated. It is ideal for lambic or fruit beers such as Floris passion beer.

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