Canned Brittany and its New Fruit Hard Seltzers


Get ready to explore the B side of Brittany and discover a new way to enjoy these delicious hard seltzers .

Starting March 17, 2024, Brittany, the best-selling national soda brand loved by Colombians, expands its portfolio with an innovative proposal: a line of hard seltzers with 4% alcohol in 269ml cans.

Discover a new way to enjoy your refreshing drinks non-wine hard seltzers in three irresistible flavors: piña colada, pineapple mango and ginger lemon, ideal to enjoy during relaxing moments such as brunches, sunny afternoons or picnics with friends. It fuses freshness and style with a variety of dishes, from salads to bites.

The Colombian palate and hard seltzers: a challenge to conquer?

Although the Colombian market has seen the arrival of several hard seltzer brands, their positioning is still in an early stage. Some factors, such as the preference for sweeter flavors among local consumers, could explain the lukewarm reception of this type of drink. The failed launch of Corona Hard Seltzer in the country is an example of this.

However, we should not rule out the potential of hard seltzers in Colombia. The key to its success could be exploring new moments of consumption and adapting flavors to local preferences.

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  • Buenas tardes, que precio tiene la Bretaña hard seltzers?,,,, gracias

    Fernando Alvarez

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