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Don Julio Rosado Tequila, A tequila for the day.


Don Julio Rosado is an exclusive tequila that has been perfected with Ruby Port wine barrels from the charming Douro wine region in northern Portugal. This unique aging process gives the tequila a delicate pink tone and a notable combination of sweet notes of dried red fruits and caramel. Its exceptional smoothness distinguishes it from other tequilas on the market.

This version of Don Julio Rosado is presented as a rested tequila ideal for daytime, following the success of Don Julio 1942 in the field of nightlife. Its launch in February 2023 aimed to offer a high-quality option to enjoy during the afternoon. Christina Choi, Senior Vice President at Diageo, comments: "Our goal was to provide consumers with an incredible luxury tequila experience, but focused on daytime consumption. From a luxury tequila perspective, there really was nothing that met that need. Through Don Julio's innovative spirit, we created this incredibly smooth reposado, with beautiful characteristics that we look to toast with friends throughout the day."

Don Julio Rosado Tasting Notes

Nose: A crisp aroma is perceived with traditional touches of sweetness.

Aging: The tequila rests for 4 months in ruby ​​port barrels.

Taste: The flavors of dried red fruits and caramel stand out.

Finish: Soft, light and sweet.

How to take Don Julio Rosado

When you taste it, you experience a soft warmth on the palate, accompanied by subtle sweet notes and nuances of fruit and cocoa.

To fully appreciate the excellence of Don Julio Rosado, it is recommended to serve it with ice. If you prefer a lighter and more refreshing option, you can add a little sparkling water and garnish with a slice of lemon. This tequila has been designed to complement daytime moments and outdoor experiences shared with friends.

The beautiful Bottle of Don Julio Rosado

The presentation of Don Julio Rosado is truly admirable, as its bottle radiates an aura of luxury and sophistication with its elegant circular edges and light-colored round cap, reminiscent of the iconic bottle of Don Julio 1942, its notable brother. Each bottle contains 750 ml of this exceptional tequila, with an alcohol content of 40°, guaranteeing an unrivaled premium experience. Its exceptional quality makes it a highly aspirational collectible liqueur, ideal for lovers of high-end spirits.

Price of Don Julio Rosado

The price of Don Julio Rosado can vary between 110 and 132 USD, depending on the country and the e-commerce platform. Additionally, the product may come in specific packaging depending on the retailer in each country.

Don Julio Rosado in Colombia?

Although pink products may be a trend in the summer, Don Julio is committed to rosé as a luxury option that will captivate consumers all year round. However, it is important to mention that so far, Don Julio Rosado is not available in Latin America or Mexico. Currently, it is only sold in the United States, Canada and France and selected Duty Free, giving consumers in these countries the opportunity to delight in this exclusive tequila experience. Very soon we will have news of its commercialization in Colombia.

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