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The lawyer Abelardo de la Espriella and the vallenato singer Silvestre Dangond have joined forces in an unexpected project outside the music scene: the launch of a new brand of rum. With the intention of generating a significant impact in the liquor market, they have created the company with the motto "art made rum" and define it as the fusion of the best of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.

The result of this collaboration is the new "Ron Defensor", which will be bottled in Colombia, with bottles designed in the country but manufactured in Italy. In addition, they will use German corks and Panamanian tafias to provide a quality experience. According to an official statement, the rum promises to offer profound experiences ranging from the exotic and untamed to the elegant and sublime.

The description of the brand states that it brings together the best of Europe and the Caribbean, and reveals that the idea of ​​having its own brand of liquor was a personal dream of Silvestre Dangond and his "silvestristas." Likewise, the foray of the lawyer and artist Abelardo de la Espriella into other fields such as men's fashion, literature, wines and traditional olive oils stands out. Now, both have embarked on the challenge of creating, together, a rum whose concept and production represent an international experience.

The brand is made up of two lines of rum: Defensor Style and Defensor Premium Style Rum, inspired by the Caribbean and the art of the Mediterranean. Both products are aged in American oak barrels. Defensor Style Rum comes in a 700 ml presentation and has an alcoholic content of approximately 40 degrees. The difference between the two versions lies mainly in its production process and the final result on the palate. The regular version, made with Central American sugar canes, offers aromas of vanilla, oak and maple sugar. On the other hand, the premium version is a more mature liquor, aged for 18 years, considered "the jewel in the crown of Dominio de la Espriella." Each bottle represents a tribute to beauty, flavor and style.

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