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Tequila Bestia, the favorite in cocktails

Tequila Bestia emerged in 2017 as the result of the shared passion for tequila among a group of friends who worked at the 501 distillery. Inspired by the rich history and vibrant culture of Jalisco, they set out to create an authentic and distinctive tequila, made exclusively from blue agave.

Bestia Blanco Tequila Liter - 1L
Bestia Blanco Tequila Liter - 1L

Available in one-liter bottles, Tequila Bestia comes in two variants: Reposado and Blanco. Both contain 35% alcohol by volume. The Reposado boasts a captivating light golden hue that blends with a delicate aroma of wood, vanilla and caramel. Its flavor is an exquisite symphony of softness and depth, weaving notes of sweet agave, vanilla, caramel and spices. A long and smooth finish, with a delicate touch of agave, culminates this sensory experience. This reposado harmonizes perfectly with pineapples and tagine, and pairs in a versatile way with various dishes.

The senses are received by the aromatic subtlety of White, a crystalline expression. Its fragrance brims with fresh agave, citrus and herbal nuances. On the palate, its softness and purity intertwine in a dance of sweet agave, citrus, herbs and spices. The finish, short and crystalline, is illuminated with a touch of agave. To fully savor this experience, it is recommended to enjoy it chilled, alone or in cocktails, as an ideal option to combine and mix.

Tequila Bestia, a choice in tune with quality and price, has become an appreciated favorite in both bars and hotels, acclaimed by bartenders and cocktail fans. Its versatility makes it suitable for creating slushes, margaritas, palomas, flags and other cocktails, adding a distinctive touch to each preparation.

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