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Ron La Hechicera, the most awarded Rum in Colombia


Ron La Hechicera embodies the pinnacle of Colombian rum, an authentic masterpiece that exudes exceptional quality. Created through the mastery of combining rums aged in American white oak barrels, previously used for bourbon, it stands as a tribute to the most exquisite. It is a rum that has been widely recognized and awarded on multiple occasions.

Its deep amber hue and complex, rich aroma are a prelude to an exceptional sensory experience. The evocation of oak is intertwined in each note, accompanied by tempting fragrances of tobacco and roasted coffee, while subtle traces of vanilla and orange peel emerge in the mouth, culminating in a soft, clean and pleasantly dry finish.

This rum is a versatile companion, suitable to enjoy alone, mixed with soft drinks or in elaborate cocktails. It is a magnificent complement to desserts and chocolate dishes. It stands as one of the most excellent Colombian rums available on the market, providing unrivaled richness and complexity of flavor, and representing a delight that should not be overlooked.

Versions of Ron La Hechicera:

Reserva de la Familia: La Hechicera embodies the Colombian spirit in a rum with a prominent oak influence. Delicate nuances of tobacco and coffee in the aroma intermingle with notes of vanilla and orange peel in the mouth. Its soft and dry finish highlights its authenticity, being a pure rum without additives or sugars, enriched by years of aging in oak barrels for 12 years. This version is the most marketed in Colombia and contains 40 degrees of alcohol.

Experimental Series #1 Moscatel: After a dozen years, Miguel Riascos filled rum barrels with his favorite wine. Forgotten and rediscovered by their son, they were found transformed into a spectacular nectar with tones of walnut, plum and leather. When filled with LA HECICERA rum, the result was wonderful after months of waiting. A forgotten experiment, now brilliant. ROBUST, UNTUOUS, REFINED. It is a premium rum and only 7,200 bottles will be sold in more than 20 international markets.

Series #2 Banana Experiment: A tribute to three generations of family banana farmers who defied the fickle complexities of nature to grow the most exceptional fruit. By infusing dehydrated organic banana in LA HECHICERA extra aged rum, a perfect balance of aromas and flavors is achieved, elevating the excellence of the liquid. A brave experiment carried out with undeniable mastery. EXUBERANT, VIBRANT, SILKY. Available in Colombia and more than 8 countries.

Presentation of Ron La Hechicera

The bottle of La Hechicera rum is distinguished by its elegance and uniqueness, adorned with a label that evokes the craftsmanship and rich history that frames the riches of Colombia “Su Selva”. Carefully crafted, this presentation highlights the excellence of the distillation, as well as its roots in traditions. The cork mouthpiece, with its distinctive seal, adds a touch of class. The jungle designs on the box and labels, accompanied by the blue seal with a mantis, give this rum an unmatched appearance of superior quality, establishing itself as an authentic product with global reach and world class. Available in 700 ml bottles and 50 ml miniatures.

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