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The new Olmeca Dark Chocolate Tequila


Olmeca Dark Chocolate tequila represents an exquisite fusion between Olmeca white tequila and chocolate liquor. This flavored tequila is the latest addition to the Olmeca brand's repertoire in Colombia and promises to captivate a young audience with a palate that appreciates sweets, typical of Latin American culture.

With a dark hue and nuances reminiscent of cocoa, this drink exudes sophistication. The aroma, delicate and fragrant, displays notes of cocoa, toasted hazelnut, vanilla and herbal accents of agave. On the palate, a sweet and creamy experience unfolds, where the intense flavor of dark chocolate is balanced with a nuance of tequila.

Olmeca Dark Chocolate tequila offers a versatility that makes it suitable to be enjoyed neat, with ice or as an ingredient in cocktails. It is a popular choice to accompany desserts or as an elegant digestif.

Characteristics of Olmeca Dark Chocolate Tequila:

In terms of tasting, Olmeca Dark Chocolate tequila manifests itself as follows:

- View: Reveals a deep color with cocoa tones.

- Nose: Initially, a soft cocoa fragrance gives way to the distinctive aroma of tequila with cooked agave.

- Mouth: The experience in the mouth is sweet and velvety, where the prominence of dark chocolate is balanced by the presence of tequila.

Presentation and Price of Olmeca Dark Chocolate Tequila

The alcoholic content of Olmeca Dark Chocolate tequila is 35 degrees and is presented in 700 ml bottles. You can purchase it at LicoresMedellín.com, a trusted resource for spirits enthusiasts and tequila lovers.

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