Like Ice Cooler, la nueva bebida Saborizada con Vodka. - Licores Medellín

Like Ice Cooler, the new Vodka Flavored drink.


Quala, one of the largest mass consumption companies in the country, has entered the Ready to Drinks market with its new product: LIKE ICE COOLER, snacks flavored with vodka. With the launch of these drinks in June, it seeks to aggressively position itself in the Colombian market, offering consumers an irresistible combination of flavor, variety and price.

Like Ice Cooler Fresh Apple Snack - 300 ml
Like Ice Cooler Fresh Apple Snack - 300 ml
Like Ice Cooler Fusion Berries Snack - 300 ml
Like Ice Cooler Fusion Berries Snack - 300 ml

LIKE ICE COOLER comes in three variants: Citrus (Vodka and Lemon), Fusion Berries (Vodka and Red Fruits) and Fresh Apple (Vodka and Green Apple). Each presentation has a size of 300ml and an alcohol content of 4%. These drinks are made to provide a refreshing flavor, without being bitter, making them the perfect replacement for traditional beers and drinks. With a focus on satisfying the tastes of young audiences, LIKE ICE COOLER has been designed to offer refreshing options with a touch of vodka, carbonation and a very affordable price. Now it has a new presentation in a 269ml can.

After trying the different LIKE ICE COOLER options, we have come to the conclusion that the flavor that impressed us the most was Fresh Apple (vodka and Green Apple). However, we find that the other two variants go a bit unnoticed, as they lack intensity and carbonation. As for the presentation of the product, it is generic but functional, since its design allows for a comfortable grip and its bottle is economical.

In chain stores and liquor stores, LIKE ICE COOLER is sold at a highly competitive price, with a range that goes from $3,000 to $4,000. This pricing strategy represents a significant challenge to its most prominent competitor, Smirnoff Ice, by offering a vodka-flavored alternative that is highly attractive to consumers. An outstanding example in the beverage industry is the success achieved by the Vive100 brand, owned by Quala, in its competition with Red Bull. In just a few years, Vive100 was able to gain a significant market share in the energy drinks segment and establish itself as the undisputed leader in that category. This precedent demonstrates Quala's ability to position itself and succeed in mass markets.

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  • Quisiera saber la cantidad de azúcar que contienen casa 300ml

  • Dicen la cantidad de alcohol
    ¿Y la cantidad de azúcar? No lo dicen

  • Me gusta mas limon x q no se siente tan dulce, quiero saber cuantas calorias o cuanta azucar tiene… me gustaria q saquen una sin azucar.

  • que cantidad de azucar tuene el aperitivo like? donde se puede ver la fecha de vencimiento

  • Cantidad de azúcar por cada 300 Ml en Like

  • Qué cantidad de azúcar contiene cada botella de 300 ml ?
    O donde se puede conseguir la información

  • Me gustaría saber dónde sale la fecha de vencimiento de la bebida like por qué hace días compré una y en la botella tiene una fecha de julio pero no sé si es la de vencimiento y el chico que me la vendió me dice que no sabe si esa es la fecha de vencimiento por qué la caja donde venían dice que vence en diciembre del año 2023 gracias

    Mónica Uribe
  • Que cantidad de azúcar contiene cada botella de like por 300mil?

    William Espinosa
  • Qcantidad de azúcar contiene los 300ml.
    Se recomienda tomar varias botellas sin problemas

    Julio Romero
  • I have fallen in love with this product while spending the summer in Colombia. Would love to find this product back in the US!


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