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The New Image of Club Colombia 2023


Club Colombia beer has surprised many with its recent advertising campaign that announced "The Club Colombia you know is leaving the country", generating concern among consumers. However, the brand has revealed that this is due to a change in its image, which was presented during the Vallenato Festival on April 29.

According to Álvaro de Luna, vice president of Marketing at Bavaria, Club Colombia has evolved along with the world and the country, transforming the meaning of luxury into stories and experiences, instead of material and expensive. The brand has renewed its image after nine years, always maintaining the same quality and expertise in its liquid.

The new design of Club Colombia is more contemporary, minimalist and modern, but always in line with the current cultural expressions of Colombia. Tribute is paid to Colombian artisans, who have turned their work into an art, expressing on the labels the mastery and pride that makes us unique as a country.

Each Club Colombia beer has its own design, inspired by unique corners and landscapes of Colombia, such as squares in Cartagena, corners of Villa de Leyva or houses in the Coffee Region, among others. The designs evoke the patience, delicacy and attention to detail that characterize Colombian mastery.

Club Colombia Dorada: It is inspired by the filigree of Santa Cruz de Mompox, turning gold into an even more valuable treasure.

Club Colombia Roja: It is reflected in the hands that weave the arrow cane in the Atlantic and turn this material into the iconic vueltiao hat, a symbol of our Caribbean identity and culture.

Club Colombia Negra: Evokes the precise and complex designs in Tamo de Nariño, remembering that mastery lies in patience, delicacy and care for details.

6 Pack Club Colombia Red Beer Can - 330cc
6 Pack Club Colombia Black Beer Can - 330cc

The renewal of Club Colombia 's image seeks to promote Colombianness and pride in our culture and crafts, evoking unique corners and landscapes of Colombia and capturing in its labels the mastery and care for the details that make us unique as a country.

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