Gatorade Sin Azúcar, la revolución de la marca experta en hidratación. - Licores Medellín

Gatorade Without Sugar, the revolution of the hydration expert brand.


PepsiCo, the prominent international company specialized in food and beverages, has excited the Colombian market with the exciting launch of Gatorade Sin Azúcar. This innovative offering from Gatorade marks a significant milestone by delivering hydration, electrolytes, and valuable vitamins B3 and B6, all without calories or sugar. This strategic launch not only expands the brand's catalog, but is also carefully targeted at those looking to hydrate effectively without sacrificing their caloric intake. In essence, it becomes an indispensable companion for those who practice moderate physical activity for periods of less than 60 minutes.

The launch of Sugar Free Gatorade directly responds to growing consumer demand for healthier, lower calorie alternatives. This version captures current trends in wellness and the search for lighter options, especially among athletes and active people. In addition, it reflects the evolution of the food industry towards products with lower sugar content and the expansion of the offer to satisfy a broader audience. In short, this launch addresses the need to provide hydration options that respect health and physical performance.

Presentation, Price and Flavors of Gatorade without Sugar

This innovative product is available at various points of sale, including e-commerce platforms such as, kiosks, self-service stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets throughout the country. It comes in 500ml Pet bottles and is offered in two irresistible flavors: Orange and Strawberry Kiwi. Its price ranges between $4000 and $4,500 depending on the sales channel.

The brand has introduced the "No Excuses" campaign to introduce this innovation, highlighting that athletes can opt for Gatorade Original or Gatorade Sugar Free depending on their needs and circumstances. The original formula is designed for sports or disciplines that require high performance and long sessions, while the sugar-free formula is adapted to lighter sports or activities, with training sessions of less than 60 minutes.

Gatorade, with its Gatorade Sports Science Institute, leads the sports performance category by offering ingredients that maximize athletic performance. To further meet the needs of athletes, Gatorade products are supported by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI), which develops products based on the latest scientific innovations in the field of sports, in collaboration with leading athletes around the world. world, covering all phases of sporting activity.

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