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Exploring Johnnie Walker labels: What do the colors mean in their range of whiskeys?


Who is Johnnie Walker?

Johnnie Walker was the trade name used by the brand of Scotch whiskey founded by John Walker in the 19th century. John Walker, a whiskey merchant and producer, began his career in the liquor industry in 1819. His passion for whiskey led him to create high-quality blends using carefully selected malts and grains.

In 1865, John Walker officially established the Johnnie Walker brand, focusing on the quality, consistency and aging of its whiskeys. After his death, the brand was inherited by his son Alexander Walker and then by his grandson, Alexander Walker II. Under his leadership, Johnnie Walker became a globally recognized brand.

Today, Johnnie Walker is owned by Diageo and remains an iconic brand in the whiskey industry. It offers a wide range of expressions that are appreciated around the world for their exceptional quality and flavor. Each of the Johnnie Walker labels represents a unique experience and exceptional quality.

What do the labels on Johnnie Walker Whiskey bottles mean?

Johnnie Walker Red Label: It is the most basic expression of the brand. It is characterized by being a blended whiskey that combines malts and grains from different distilleries. The label is red and is designed for everyday consumption and cocktail mixes.


Johnnie Walker Black Label: It is a superior quality blended whiskey and one of the brand's most emblematic products. The label is black and represents a smoother and more complex whiskey compared to the Red Label. It is made up of a blend of whiskeys aged for at least 12 years.


Johnnie Walker Double Black Label: This variant is a more intense and smoky version of the Black Label. It is characterized by having a higher proportion of malts from the west coast of Scotland, which gives it a more robust and smoky flavor.


Johnnie Walker Green Label: It is a blended malt whiskey, which means it is composed solely of malts and does not contain grains. The label is green and symbolizes freshness and natural ingredients. It is a mixture of malts from different distilleries aged for at least 15 years.


Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve: It is a blended whiskey that stands out for its smoothness and sweet flavor. The label is gold and represents the richness and exquisiteness of this whiskey. Contains a blend of whiskeys aged for an unspecified period of time.


Johnnie Walker Platinum Label 18 Year Old: This blended whiskey is a more premium option from the brand. The label is silver and represents exclusivity and refinement. It is made up of a blend of whiskeys aged for at least 18 years.


Johnnie Walker Blue Label: It is the most luxurious and prestigious expression of the brand. The label is blue and symbolizes rarity and exquisiteness. It is a blended malt and grain whiskey made up of a selection of high quality whiskeys aged for an extended period.


It is important to note that the availability of these products and their features may vary by country and region. Additionally, Johnnie Walker may release limited editions and other special expressions not mentioned in this article.

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