El encanto del absenta: Descubre el mágico licor destilado con notas herbales. - Licores Medellín

The charm of absinthe: Discover the magical distilled liquor with herbal notes.


Absinthe is a gem distilled with a high alcohol content. Its distillation process uses key ingredients such as wormwood, green anise and a careful selection of herbs, which give it its distinctive flavor profile. From its herbal notes to its aniseed nuances and bitter touches, absinthe offers a complex and fascinating sensory experience.

Absinthe is mainly composed of two main ingredients: wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) and green anise. Absinthe provides a distinctive bitter character and is responsible for its name, as "absinthe" comes from the Latin word for wormwood. Green anise, on the other hand, gives a touch of sweetness and softness to the liquor. In addition to these two fundamental ingredients, absinthe can include a variety of carefully selected herbs and spices, such as fennel, lemon balm, mint and licorice, which contribute to its complexity of flavors.

In terms of alcohol levels, absinthe was traditionally distilled with an alcohol content of between 45% and 74% alcohol by volume. Currently, most commercial absinthes have an alcoholic content ranging between 50% and 75%, although there are also options with lower alcohol content. It is important to keep in mind that its high alcohol concentration gives it a strong and distinctive character, so it is recommended to enjoy it in moderation and responsibility.

It is important to demystify some misconceptions about absinthe. Although in the past it was associated with hallucinogenic effects due to the presence of thujone, current regulations have limited its content. Responsible consumption is promoted, appreciating its high alcohol content and enjoying it in moderation.

The versatility of absinthe is evident in various occasions and pairings. From special celebrations to themed tastings, absinthe finds its place in memorable moments. You will discover exquisite pairings, such as select cheeses, fresh fruits and sweet temptations, that enhance their unique flavors. Furthermore, in modern cocktails, absinthe becomes a versatile ingredient, allowing the creation of innovative and surprising recipes.

The green hour ritual in Absinthe

The "green hour" is a special time related to the consumption of absinthe. It originated in cafes and bars in the late 19th century and early 20th century. During green hour, customers gathered at the establishments to enjoy a glass of absinthe. The ritual involved preparing the absinthe using a spoon of absinthe and a fountain of cold water. The liquor was slowly diluted with water and sugar, gradually releasing its unique aromas and flavors. Green hour became an iconic moment in the history of absinthe, where people gathered to enjoy the drink and immerse themselves in its charm and mysticism. Today, green hour remains a tradition in some places and events dedicated to absinthe.

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