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Calculate Liquor at a Wedding


If you are in the middle of organizing your wedding and wondering how to ensure that you will have enough liquor for your guests, don't worry! You don't need to be an expert in the field. One of the key points to achieve a successful celebration is to properly calculate the amount of alcoholic beverages you will need. This will ensure that your loved ones can fully enjoy every moment of your event.

In this article, we will guide you step by step on how to carry out this calculation accurately and effectively. From estimating the number of drinks per guest to crucial considerations about the type of liquor and length of the celebration, our tips will give you the information you need to create an unforgettable experience for all your guests.

Liquor Budget for a Wedding: Define Your Financial Range

A key part of this process is setting a budget for drinks. This must be realistic and adapt to your possibilities. Finding the right balance between quality and quantity is essential. This will help you determine whether to opt for finer spirits, such as whiskey and vodka, or whether to prioritize quantity without compromising quality. Remember that the budget will guide you throughout the process, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Time and Climate: Fundamental Factors

The time of day and weather influence how much liquor you need. If your wedding takes place in the morning or early afternoon, consumption will likely be lower compared to nighttime hours. Adjust your calculations based on these factors to avoid excesses or shortages.

Wedding Duration: A Critical Element

Taking into account the entire duration of the celebration, including the reception, is essential when calculating the amount of liquor needed. Generally, a period of about 4-5 hours is estimated to perform this calculation effectively. Remember, the longer the celebration, the more liquor you will have to purchase.

Number of Guests at a Wedding: Estimate Accurately

Calculating the number of adults present is essential. It is generally considered that each guest will consume between 1 and 1.5 drinks per hour. This reference will help you adjust the amount of liquor more precisely.

Profiles of Guests at a Wedding: Personalized Adaptation

Considering the general characteristics of your guests will allow you to adapt the quantities and types of liquor in a personalized way. If the majority are older adults, you could include more whiskey (about 4 drinks per person). For a younger group, you could focus on cocktails and non-alcoholic options.

Theme and Variety of Drinks at a Wedding: Consistency in Choice

The theme of your wedding influences the drinks to be offered. Align options to the theme to create a cohesive experience. Also, it clearly defines the types of alcoholic beverages available, from wine and beer to cocktails and spirits. If you've opted for an event with a Mexican touch, tequila shots and margaritas could be ideal. For a Hawaiian wedding, piña coladas and rum would fit perfectly. And at more traditional events, whiskey is usually the undisputed star. Align drinks with the theme to create a cohesive and memorable experience.

Calculate the wedding liquor in detail: Amount by Type of Drink

  • Wine: Approximately one standard bottle (750 ml) for 2-3 people.
  • Beer: Estimate 2-3 beers per person.
  • Spirits: 1-2 mixed drinks per hour per person.
  • Cocktails: Plan for about 2-3 cocktails per person.

Includes Non-Alcoholic Options for a Wedding

Don't forget the non-alcoholic alternatives, estimating around 2-3 per hour per person to cater for those who do not consume liquor.

Consider Consigned Liquors at your wedding

Slightly increase the estimated amount to ensure enough liquor. Includes an additional 20% for unforeseen events. Also, consider liquors on consignment from Licores Medellín for efficient and responsible management, we will help you save and avoid unexpected purchases or wasted drinks. We advise you.

Remember that these are only approximate calculations and may vary. A little more planning ensures that everyone can toast and fully enjoy your celebration.

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