4 Pack Beer 3 Cordilleras Negra - 330cc

3 Cordilleras

Hablar con un asesor

Welcome to the authentic and unique taste of Tres Cordilleras, the Colombian craft beer everyone is talking about! If you are a beer lover and are looking for something more than just a drink, Tres Cordilleras is the perfect choice for you.

Each sip of our beers is a unique experience that will take you through the most authentic and fresh flavors. Each variety, from blonde and red to black, IPA, Rosé and Blanca, is made with the most select and carefully selected ingredients to give you the most authentic taste of craft beer.

Additionally, Tres Cordilleras cares about the environment, which means you can enjoy our beers with the peace of mind of knowing that you are supporting a company that works for sustainability. There is nothing better than drinking a quality beer and at the same time contributing to the care of the planet!

In short, Tres Cordilleras is the perfect craft beer for those looking for a unique and authentic experience in every sip. Don't wait any longer to try our beers and enjoy everything we have to offer you. Buy now and let yourself be seduced by the flavor of Tres Cordilleras! You can purchase its price or cost here at Licores Medellín.

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