Sodas saborizadas, un excelente negocio que todos los días crece como burbujas. - Licores Medellín

Flavored sodas, an excellent business that grows like bubbles every day.

May 09, 2023Licores Medellín

Flavored and michelada sodas are an emerging category within the carbonated beverage market, which has evolved to meet consumer demands and market trends. These drinks offer a wide variety of sweet, citrus and refreshing flavors, ideal for those looking to reduce their sugar and calorie intake.

What are flavored or michelada sodas?

Flavored sodas are carbonated soft drinks or water that contain a wide variety of flavors. These drinks are characterized by their sweet flavor and the effervescent sensation they generate in the mouth.

Flavored sodas are made from sparkling water, tropical fruits, sugar, and artificial or natural flavorings. In some cases, they may also contain syrups, colorings and preservatives.

Why are they a great business?

The popularity of flavored sodas is due to their wide variety of flavors, especially among young people and women, which makes it an excellent business. Flavors such as red fruits, Lychee, watermelon, biche mango or passion fruit are very popular and appreciated by these groups. The wide variety of flavors offers a unique experience that attracts an increasingly wide and diverse audience. Additionally, flavored sodas can be customized to create exclusive and unique flavors, making customers feel special.

Additionally, flavored sodas are affordably priced, making them affordable for most people. This means that there is a large potential market for these drinks.

Finally, flavored sodas are easy to produce and distribute, meaning production and logistics costs are relatively low compared to other products.

These drinks have become excellent business for several reasons. Firstly, their wide variety of flavors makes them very attractive to a wide and diverse audience, who can customize them to create exotic and unique flavors. Additionally, ingredient costs are low and standard or flavored soda supplies are easy to obtain, increasing profit margins.

Another advantage is the constant demand for flavored and michelada sodas on hot days or in high traffic locations, making them a necessity for many customers. Furthermore, these drinks are popular among both young people and adults and do not contain alcohol, further increasing their market potential. They can be an excellent tool for selling other products, such as food and snacks, attracting customers to your business and increasing the possibilities of cross-selling.

How can you sell more flavored sodas?

To sell more flavored sodas, it is important to take into account consumer preferences and offer a wide variety of flavors. It is also important to invest in advertising and promotion to increase the visibility of the products.

Another effective strategy is to work on the presentation of the products. An attractive bottle or glass can catch consumers' attention and make them interested in trying the product. Dare to include them in your business and offer a unique experience to your customers!

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