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What is Vermouth


What is Vermouth?

Vermouth is a flavored liquor made from base wine macerated with herbs, spices, roots and other botanical ingredients. It is sweetened and fortified with added alcohol, usually brandy, creating a bitter and aromatic drink. Originating in Europe, especially Italy, France and Spain, vermouth is enjoyed neat or as a component in cocktails and aperitifs. In addition to these regions, there are a wide variety of brands and styles of vermouth around the world to satisfy the tastes of lovers of this drink.

What is Vermouth used for in cocktails?

Vermouth plays a fundamental role in cocktails, being a key ingredient in numerous classic and contemporary cocktails. Thanks to its bitter and aromatic flavor, it provides complexity and balance to mixtures. Vermouth enhances the flavor profile of cocktails, adding herbal, spicy and bitter notes. Its versatility allows it to be combined with a wide variety of liquors and other ingredients, making it an essential element in the creation of sophisticated and tasty drinks.

Types of Vermouth

There are several types of vermouth, each with distinctive characteristics:

Red Vermouth: It is the most common and traditional, with red color and sweet-bitter flavor. Aromatic, with notes of herbs, spices and citrus.

White Vermouth: Lighter and less sweet than red vermouth. It has a pale golden color and a more herbal and floral flavor. Ideal for delicate and refreshing cocktails.

Vermouth Rosado: Also known as pink vermouth, it is a modern variant. It is usually soft and fruity, with hints of red fruits and flowers.

Extra Dry Vermouth: The driest of all, with a less sweet and more herbal flavor. It has more pronounced bitter and citrus notes.

Recognized Vermouth brands

Some well-known brands in the vermouth market include:

Martini & Rossi: A revered brand with a wide range of varieties available.

Carpano: An Italian brand with a long history in vermouth production. It stands out for its Antica Formula vermouth, considered a classic in the world of cocktails.

Dolin: A French brand that has been making vermouth since 1821. They are characterized by their artisanal approach and their Chambéry vermouth, highly appreciated for its quality.

Punt e Mes: An Italian brand known for its red vermouth, which combines sweet and bitter flavors in a balanced way.

Cinzano: An Italian brand with a wide range of options, from classic vermouth to more innovative varieties.

These are just a few of the well-known vermouth brands on the market, but there are many more that offer a wide variety of styles and flavors to satisfy the tastes of vermouth lovers. Remember that brand availability may vary by region and country.

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