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Batteries with Illegal and adulterated liquor offers on social networks


You may have seen unusual liquor offers on social media, such as "3 or up to 5 Bottles of Whiskey or Tequila for a ridiculous price," and you may know someone who has purchased these "products of dubious origin." But let me tell you that this liquor is completely fake and illegal. The production and consumption of adulterated liquors in Colombia has increased significantly in recent years, which has become a serious problem with negative consequences for the liquor industry, public health and State security. Liquor adulteration involves mixing alcoholic beverages with toxic substances such as methanol and acetone, and has become a source of illegal income for criminal groups.

The worrying situation of the sale of adulterated liquor on social networks has revealed the lack of action on the part of brands, state companies and authorities in charge of protecting public health and guaranteeing legality in the liquor market. The absence of strong measures to combat this illegal practice has allowed deceptive offers to spread easily, putting the health of consumers at risk and seriously affecting the image of the country's liquor industry. It is necessary that effective measures be taken to eradicate the sale of adulterated liquor on social networks and protect consumers from this dangerous practice.

The Colombian liquor industry has lost billions of pesos due to the proliferation of adulterated liquors in the market. Consumers, in their search for cheaper prices, choose to buy these products without knowing that they put their health at risk. Adulterated liquor is not only harmful to health, but also negatively affects the image of the country's liquor industry and the state's coffers, resulting in economic and job losses.

The consumption of adulterated liquors also represents a serious threat to public health in Colombia. The toxic chemicals used in the production of these liquors can cause liver damage, blindness, and in some cases, death. Every year, hundreds of people are hospitalized and some lose their lives as a result of ingesting adulterated liquor. Furthermore, medical treatment for these people carries a significant cost to the country's healthcare system.

The sale of adulterated liquor benefits criminal groups that are often linked to other forms of crime, such as drug trafficking and extortion. The income obtained from the sale of adulterated liquor is used to finance other illegal operations, which endangers the security of the country.

The Colombian government has implemented measures to combat the production and distribution of adulterated liquor, including the seizure of adulterated liquor, the closure of illegal establishments, and the promotion of awareness campaigns to educate consumers about the dangers of adulterated liquor.

To avoid being a victim of adulterated liquor, it is important to take precautionary measures when purchasing alcoholic beverages. It is recommended to purchase liquor in safe and reliable places, such as specialized stores and authorized liquor stores. It is important not to be seduced by unusual prices, since instead of saving money, you risk putting your health at risk. If you see prices well below average, it is better to be suspicious and look for safer alternatives. Responsible purchasing of liquor is essential to protect yourself and society at large from the negative consequences of the production and consumption of adulterated liquor.

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