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New Real Antioqueño Spirits 24°


We present Aguardiente Antioqueño Real 24°, a bold creation from the Fábrica de Licores de Antioquia that marks a highly controversial turning point in the national distillates scene. This soft spirit, with an alcoholic content of 24 degrees, is presented in a 750 ml yellow bottle. Although its packaging is the same as the 19-year-old Medellín Rum, controversy is sparked by its distinctive yellow color, in sync with the green associated with the renowned brand Aguardiente Amarillo de Manzanares and the select market niche it seeks to conquer.

Although no obvious similarities have been found in brand names, in our opinion, there is a similarity in the identity of the product, which creates confusion for the consumer.

From the FLA, they highlight that this strategic launch responds to their vision of taking advantage of the growing market for soft and colorful liquors. "We are dedicated to satisfying consumer desires. If there is demand, we are there," says manager Hurtado.

However, Licorera de Caldas is ready to take legal action before the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce, arguing that the FLA is causing confusion among consumers by imitating its Manzanares Yellow Spirits, an iconic product since 1885.

In the midst of this controversy, it is worth noting that the FLA took advantage of the previous restriction on the sale of Manzanares yellow liquor in the department of Antioquia to consolidate its presence with the massification of its controversial Real 24° brand.

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