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We present Corona Zero Beer


What is Corona Zero or Sunbrew

Corona Cero, a non-alcoholic variant of the iconic Mexican lager, made its debut in Mexico in 2016 and arrived in the United States in 2020. Although it shares the same high-quality ingredients as the renowned Corona Extra, this brew undergoes a meticulous dealcoholization process to achieve its characteristic "Corona Zero".

With zero alcohol content, exactly 0.0 percent, Corona Cero features a similar flavor profile to its alcoholic counterpart, Corona Extra. This option is a delight on its own or with the addition of a lemon wedge, a tradition that enhances your tasting experience.

The transformation in consumption patterns, product globalization, deep-rooted traditions, religious convictions and ways of life have led to a radical change in the beer industry, giving different consumers the opportunity to explore alcohol-free alternatives.

Corona Cero has managed to establish itself as a preferred choice for various audiences. Those who want to appreciate the unmistakable taste of Corona beer, but without the alcoholic content, find in this variant a solution tailored to their needs. In addition, it becomes an ideal alternative for responsible drivers, pregnant women and people looking to moderate their alcohol consumption. It is not suitable for minors despite not having alcohol.

With a golden, crystalline appearance topped by a layer of white foam, Corona Cero is distinguished by its light and stimulating nature. Subtle nuances of lime and cilantro give a touch of freshness to each sip, a symphony of flavors that revitalizes the senses. Whether enjoyed alone or with a slice of lemon added to enhance its innate freshness, this non-alcoholic beer becomes a real pleasure in any circumstance.

Presentation, Corona Zero Flavor

Presented in 355 ml bottles, like its counterpart, Corona Extra, this variant boasts only 60 calories. In addition, enriched with vitamin D, it offers additional nutritional value. Although its launch in Colombia is still shrouded in mystery, it is soon expected to be available in all points of sale in the country, giving fans a new refreshing and alcohol-free option.

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