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The new image of Cerveza Andina


Andina , the national beer brand of Central Cervecera de Colombia, has presented its new image and announced a renewed purpose: "Revitalize our identity as Colombians." According to Andina , its new look symbolizes diversity and freedom, allowing Colombians to connect with their unique tastes and celebrate their own version.

The brand maintains that this transformation is an invitation for Colombians to enjoy their authenticity, embrace traditions and express what really drives them, identifies them and makes them unique. Stephan Ramirez, Senior Brand Manager at Andina, expressed: "At Andina , we believe that our traditions and roots are important, but we also recognize that we are much more than that. Being Colombian goes beyond pre-established roles, and it is time to revitalize it, sharing moments with friends and family, in special celebrations or in the most everyday moments, all accompanied by a Colombian beer of the best quality.

This announcement comes after the mysterious installation of large megaphones in emblematic places in Bogotá, which transmitted the requirements to 'be Colombian', generating curiosity and questions among citizens.

Since its founding in 2019, Andina has quickly become, above its great competition, a recognized national beer in Colombia. Its new image reflects the commitment to enhance and refresh Colombian identity, encouraging citizens to connect with its authenticity and value the rich diversity of the country's culture.

With its new image, La Dorada and La Light (in blue), Cerveza Andina seeks to convey the message that being Colombian goes beyond imposed expectations and pre-existing stereotypes. The brand recognizes the importance of traditions and roots, but also highlights that Colombians are much more than that. It invites Colombians to explore and express their true selves, sharing special moments with friends and family, both in notable celebrations and in everyday moments, always accompanied by a Colombian beer of the highest quality.

Andina , a blonde national lager beer, is proud to represent the spirit and essence of Colombia in every sip. Its commitment to quality and exceptional taste has made it a popular choice among beer lovers in the country.

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