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Júbilo, Colombia's Super Premium Spirit


Júbilo Colombian Aguardiente is a 100% Colombian distilled beverage, carefully made from triple distilled and filtered cane alcohol. It is produced in small batches using the pure water from the Nevados Parks in Colombia, as well as exotic botanicals from the Andean mountains. Standing out among these ingredients is the elegant star anise.

Júbilo is a super premium category Spirit that is distinguished by its delicate and herbaceous flavor. In its flavor profile, subtle notes of anise are perceived, complemented by touches of vanilla, cinnamon and bergamot. Its finish is refreshing and is characterized by citrus and floral nuances.

This exquisite spirit can be enjoyed pure at an ideal temperature of 7-10°C or used as a stellar ingredient in the preparation of high-end cocktails. Júbilo, true to its name, represents an authentic symbol of the wealth, joy and biodiversity of Colombia, conquering the palates of the most demanding fans around the world.

Characteristics of Júbilo Brandy:

- Alcohol content: 38% vol.

- Color: Crystalline.

- Aroma: Delicate and herbaceous, with notes of anise, vanilla, cinnamon and bergamot.

- Taste: Soft and balanced, with a citrus finish and notes of white flowers.

- Recommended service temperature: 7-10°C.

- Pairing: Ideal to accompany meats, fish, cheeses and desserts.

- Bottle: Firm and totally transparent to see the properties of the liquor, with a robust, classic spout and cork lid that makes it unique on the market.

Júbilo Brandy Tasting Notes:

- View and Body: It is presented impeccably, with a transparent and crystalline appearance that exhibits long and notable legs.

- Nose: The fragrance is a delicate and herbaceous dance that is harmoniously intertwined with a subtle touch of anise, embraced by the soft notes of vanilla, cinnamon and bergamot. Its ending is fresh and evokes the presence of white flowers.

- Mouth: The experience on the palate is one of exceptional balance, where nuances of vanilla and sweet spices emerge, such as cinnamon and cloves. What distinguishes Júbilo is its softness, where anise is presented as a companion that enhances without overwhelming.

- Finish: The flavor lingers on the palate in a remarkable way, offering a long and elegant experience. In its last act, hints of vanilla and the purest essence of sugar cane are revealed.

When it comes to culinary combinations, Júbilo blends magnificently with exotic fruits such as cape gooseberry, kiwi or star fruit. In addition, it becomes the ideal companion for renowned semi-ripe cheeses, such as gouda, emmental, manchego, gruyere and cheddar. It also shines when accompanied with select hams and sausages, as well as with spicy dishes of Asian, Arabic or Indian influence. Júbilo stands as an unbeatable choice to culminate an exceptional culinary experience. If you are looking to give the gift of a sublime liquor and explore the high quality of a Colombian spirit, Júbilo is the choice that stands out above all the others.

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