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Lambrusco, The Italian Sparkling Wine That Conquers the Colombian Palate


What is Lambrusco?

Lambrusco, an exquisite Italian sparkling wine, takes its name from the grape with which it is produced: the Lambrusco variety. Originating from the beautiful region of Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy, Lambrusco is more than just a grape, it is a protected designation of origin that covers a wide range of wines made from this strain.

Known for its distinctive frizzante character, that is, its delicate effervescence, Lambrusco is refreshing and pleasant to the palate. It comes in a variety of colors, including deep red, pink and white, each with its own charm and personality. In terms of flavor, Lambrusco can range from dry and acidic to slightly sweet, depending on the level of residual sweetness present in the wine.

The versatility of Lambrusco when it comes to pairing makes it a wise choice to accompany various foods. Its acidity and effervescence make it an ideal companion for sausages, cheeses, pizzas, pastas, roast meats and, in general, dishes of rich Italian cuisine. Its ability to balance intense flavors and its freshness make it appreciated in Colombian gastronomic culture.

The Colombian palate has developed a special affinity for Lambrusco thanks to its distinctive flavor profile and its versatility at the table, especially for the female audience. Its refreshing character, with fruity notes, small bubbles and a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity, make it an attractive option for those looking for a vibrant and accessible experience in the world of wine. Furthermore, its ability to enhance the flavors of local cuisine and its adaptability in different pairings have contributed to its growing popularity in Colombia.

Enjoy the versatility and flavor of Lambrusco alone or in the company of your favorite dishes. Surprise your senses with its soft effervescence, its fruity notes and its balance between sweetness and acidity. Lambrusco invites you to explore a vibrant and accessible wine experience, perfectly suited to Colombian food culture.

Cocktails with Lambrusco, A Refreshing and Sophisticated Experience

- Lambrusco Spritz: Enjoy a refreshing and elegant combination of Lambrusco, sparkling water and a touch of Aperol or Campari. Serve with ice and a slice of orange to enhance the citrus and bitter flavors.

- Lambrusco Royale: Delight yourself with this cocktail that combines Lambrusco with a touch of cassis liqueur. The sweetness of the cassis liqueur is perfectly balanced with the effervescence and acidity of the Lambrusco, creating a delicious and sophisticated drink.

- Lambrusco Bellini: Discover a vibrant version of the classic Bellini. Mix Lambrusco with peach or peach puree and a touch of sugar syrup. Serve in a champagne glass and decorate with a peach slice. This cocktail will give you an explosion of fruity and refreshing flavors.

Let yourself be seduced by Lambrusco, an Italian sparkling wine that delights good wine lovers all over the world. Discover its elegance, its freshness and its ability to enhance flavors on every occasion. Immerse yourself in the fascination of Lambrusco and enjoy a unique oenological experience!

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